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Glee: "Mattress" Review Episode 12

Ah, much better. While not among the very best Glee has had to offer, this episode was certainly an improvement over last week's lackluster installment. First off, let me celebrate - Schue found out the truth about Terri! At last, that silly storyline is over. The scene in which he found out was a very notable one, though I've gone back and forth if it was notable in a good or bad way. We've seen Glee be dramatic and we've seen Glee be emotional, but this was the first time they ever went into terrain this intense, and even dangerous. Schue was pissed and got a bit physical and intimidating towards Terri, showing a side of him we've never seen. The conflict I had was this - Will's reaction was very raw and believable, but it was the pay off to a storyline that's been anything but raw and believable. The shift in tone would have been jarring either way, but especially when it was part of a scenario that had Will looking like such a fool for so long… …which on the other hand, is why I liked the scene. Because he had been made to look like a fool and completely betrayed by someone he loved, so his reaction was understandable. And Matthew Morrison was great here, asked to deliver material very outside the usual Glee comfort zone. All in all, an odd scene, but one I find myself thinking about a lot, to the point that I admire it simply for garnering a strong reaction. The main Glee plotline had Schue lamenting that Sue had gotten the kids' yearbook photo bumped from the yearbook, even though the entire group, except Rachel, were happy about this - glad to avoid another level of scorn. Some very funny moments at the top of the episode had the kids examine previous yearbooks and the defaced Glee club kids inside, including a girl with a knife drawn into her head, which Kurt deadpanned was "oddly prescient." And the Tracy Flick-like aspects of Rachel were humorously increased as we saw that she never turned down the opportunity to join a club (and have her picture taken), including the Muslim Student Club and Black student club. All of this led to the scenario where Schue got the club a very small picture, that only two could be in – and the genuinely sad sight of Rachel by herself, posing, after Finn failed to show. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

GLEE "Mattress" Review Episode 12

Finally, on tonight's episode of Glee, "Mattress," Terri's fake pregnancy shenanigans were called out. All I can say is that it's about time Will figured out that her baby bump was really just a pillow. I've been waiting for the truth to come out for a while now and the scene where he confronted Terri certainly didn't disappoint. It was very intense as Will was angry, scary, and heartbroken all at the same time. For a second there, I thought he might actually hit her (I mean, I knew they wouldn't go there but he got really scary for a minute). Matthew Morrison is such a talented actor and he really had a chance to show his serious side in this episode. There are some TV villains that I love to hate (Sylar on Heroes, Ben on Lost) but that's not the case with the shrill, manipulative Terri. I'm not sure what the future holds for her character, but hopefully the writers will move away from her do-anything-to-keep-my-man antics. The surprising thing is that Will seemingly wants to stay with her. He asked Emma, "who said anything about getting a divorce?" I guess he and Emma aren't going to get together just yet, but I continue to hold out hope. How awesome was the mattress commercial set to Van Halen's "Jump?" It made me want to start jumping around on my bed. This wasn't a music heavy episode, but I'm not complaining because it was satisfying to get some storyline resolution. Some of my other favorite moments: "While they were in there I told them to yank out my tear ducts. Wasn't using 'em." - Sue "Ken has a lot of flaws. Seventy-four flaws as of yesterday." - Emma "They said they'd make me chose between a Hitler mustache and buckteeth, and I can't rock either of those looks." - Finn "All I want is for one day when I'm not visually assaulted by uglies and fatties. Seriously Ohio, these retinas need a day off." - Sue So what do you think about Will getting disqualified for accepting the mattress? Surely, they will find a way around this, right? We'll have to see what happens next week when New Directions finally goes to the long awaited sectionals. It's also the last episode of 2009 so be sure not to miss it! Source here If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

This Week in 'Glee' Quotables: "Mattress" Episode 12

"Mattress" in one paragraph: Will compromises to get the glee club in the McKinley High yearbook. Not content, Rachel decided to launch herself to stardom by getting everyone in a local ad--which almost disqualifies them, because Will opened a mattress and slept at school, because he (finally!) found out that Terri is faking her pregnancy all along. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

This Week in 'Glee' Music: "Mattress" Episode 12

and understandably so--the episode has a lot of plot. I mean, have you seen the quick recap that precedes each episode? It goes so far and so long. I think it went for a minute or so! I think we'll remember this episode for three things: the smattering of Sue one-liners, seeing Artie off his wheelchair, and the moment we've all been waiting for, Will finding out that Terri is faking her pregnancy. Finally! Now, for that other pregnancy-related storyline... So, on to this week's songs then, all available for download on iTunes and also on the second Glee CD, which comes out next week. Yes, gleeks, it comes out next week. I can't believe time flies so fast, too. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Review: Glee - Mattress Episode 12

I wouldn't say this is the best Glee episode we've had, but it had some good moments, and of course, that big reveal, which we'll talk about after the jump. The mattress scene was a nice little number, but I wasn't familiar with the song performed by Rachel and Finn, so that didn't do as much for me. Sue Sylvester was back to true form from her compassionate scene with her sister a few episodes ago. It's hard to believe she'd have that much feeling for her sister, and yet still be a big you-know-what in the rest of her life. Glee breaks down stereotypes in some cases, but I'm not sure Sue falls into that category. She still seems like a caricature to me. And there were other things about this episode that bugged me, but maybe it's just me. I mean, it doesn't seem likely that a glee club would be looked upon so badly that they wouldn't even get a photo in the yearbook. Does it? Or that the football team would ridicule Finn so much for being in the club. Maybe I just went to a super-easygoing school. Or maybe I'm just looking at the show the wrong way, and thinking too much about it. Probably all of the above. At any rate, I was so glad to see Terri's big secret finally brought to light. I don't even care if Will leaves her, because he truly belongs with Emma. And by the looks of what's coming up, maybe they'll end up together somehow. Emma will ditch her wedding to help the kids at sectionals, and Terri will slink off somewhere never to be heard from again. I was calling her all sorts of names when she told Will, "Why don't you just take the food out of the refrigerator and give that to the kids?" To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Glee Season 1, Episode 12: "Mattress" Made Me JUMP! - Featured

After some hits and misses, the latest episode of " Glee " was a dream come true. Most importantly, the FABY was finally outed! I have to give major props to the writers for the scene between Will and Terri; Even if you quickly realized what he was going to stumble across while looking for his pocket square (if you weren't giggling at his desire to wear a pocket square), the emotional performances by Jessalyn Gilsig and Matthew Morrison were gasp worthy, if only for the fact that Terri has become a sympathetic character. True, she's manipulative and can't be totally forgiven for lying about the pregnancy, but it is understandable. As Emma puts it, Will is "a lot to lose." Now, with Emma and Ken's wedding just around the corner, the big question is how Will's rocky marriage might affect his relationship with Emma. The chemistry between them is obviously there, despite whatever Emma may say, and now that Will won't be attending sectionals I wonder if he's going to pull a stunt from "The Graduate." What's even more confusing is that I don't know if I want Will to interrupt the wedding; Ken might not be the perfect guy for Emma, but I don't want to see his heart broken like that, nor do I want him to become the villain in the show (because you know he would have to retaliate if Will ruined his chance at happiness). Oh, drama. What do you think will happen? As for the kids, Rachel's leadership role will definitely add some conflict within the club, but so far it seems to be a positive force. Without Will backing her up, though, she could be bowled over by the rest of the club. Hopefully, that won't happen, but Kurt seems to be increasingly anti-Rachel, so who knows? And while Rachel and Finn singing "Smile" was totally random and unnecessary, it did reinforce the flirtation between them (and added another song to the iTunes revenue). I wonder if that love triangle (or hexagon, if you include Puck and Santana) will come to a head soon, since Quinn seemed to be separate from her boyfriend in the episode. Still, I want to give Quinn a huge high five. She's always been a curious character because of her allegiance to the Cheerios, but now that she's taken a stand against "Ms. Sylvester" I think she will be an asset to Glee. How, exactly? I have no idea. She is still the pregnant girl, and as the final scene of this episode shows, Glee's commercial didn't help their popularity at all. But, I have hope for Quinn. She's a tough cookie, and I'm glad that she put Sue in her place. Speaking of Sue, THANK YOU for more Jane Lynch this week, especially more silly ad-libbing in Figgin's office. The students are raising rabbits in Will's office? Fantastic. She is all the adversary this show needs, and I love her for it. So, what did you think of the episode? Maybe it was some of the more old-school song choices, but I really enjoyed this episode and can't wait to see what happens next week.