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VIDEO: Glee's Mark Salling Says Puck Has "Daddy Issues"

Glee bad boy Mark Salling says his character, Puck, has a lot to prove to his baby mama Quinn (Dianna Agron). "They gave up the baby ... but I think he's still going to try to prove himself to her. He's got daddy issues," Salling told Chris Harrison on the Emmys red carpet. Watch the video below to find out more about Puck in Season 2. Source & Video

TV ratings: 'Glee' finale solid, but NBA Finals win Tuesday

The finale of " Glee " posted the show's best ratings ever without an " American Idol " lead-in, but Game 3 of the NBA Finals still gave ABC an overall win Tuesday night. ABC averaged 10.5 million viewers and a 6.5 rating/11 share in households for the night -- numbers that will probably rise some when the live NBA telecast is figured in. CBS (9.2 million, 6.2/10) finished second overall. FOX (8.9 million, 5.1/8), came in just ahead NBC (8.8 million, 5.2/9) for third. The CW was, per usual, a non-factor with 660,000 viewers and a 0.5/1. ABC led among adults 18-49 as well, its 4.3 rating beating FOX's 3.9. NBC, 2.6, took third in the demographic, followed by CBS at 1.6. The CW mustered only a 0.3. To Read More Click Here .

Were You Satisfied With Glee's Season 1 Finale? (SPOILERS!)

While over 11 million people tuned in last night to watch Glee 's season 1 finale, Journey (yes, the real finale, not to be confused with the fall finale which was really just the season's halfway point), its success in numbers doesn't necessarily mean that it won big in feedback. A lot went down as expected (Regionals, birth, another Will-Emma kiss), and there was plenty resolved (I guess), but was it too neatly wrapped-up? What happened to a good old-fashioned cliffhanger? Where was the exciting season 2 set-up? If you read my tweets , I mentioned that I was already tearing up the second they broke out into "Any Way You Want It" (um, best Journey song ever!). But that was only about 27 minutes in, and I didn't get any more emotional for the whole extended duration of the episode. Okay, so my heart strings were tugged just a tad at a few moments following, but it wasn't the poignant, hilarious, triumphant, all-encompassing emotional rollercoaster I was counting on. A letdown? Not quite... but kind of. Overall, while I certainly didn't hate it, I found that each of the episode's high notes were matched by a corresponding "WTF?" moment that sort of left things unsatisfying for me. Just to name a few... PRO: Puck + Mr. Schue + acoustic duet = WIN CON: Wait... that was the end ?! WTF? I literally watched about 5 minutes of the news afterwards, waiting for it to come back... and then it didn't. Close-up on Will's cheesy smile, and then FADE OUT? What the heck? PRO: I think it was a smart, "realistic" choice for New Directions to not win; after all, Vocal Adrenaline was pretty awesome, and they have a bunch of SYTYCD alumni on their side... CON: Aural Intensity? Really? (edit: Thanks to user @itastenice for clearing up the name for me. I seriously thought it was "Oral Intensity") PRO: I loved how they revealed that Sue secretly voted for New Directions in the judging panel -- keyword: SECRETLY! -- 'but''... CON: Though it was in her signature back-handed way, I still don't think Sue should have just given the choir room back in the strangely benevolent way she did. Like, "Congrats! You have another year! This is an alternate universe in which I'm not afraid to admit that I respect what you guys do!" ...I think it could have been handled in a much more clever way that a) didn't make her break character in front of Will, and b) set up a challenge for the second season. PRO: Some people were put off by it, but I thought the mash-up of Vocal Adrenaline's performance and the tortured sounds of Quinn's labor was a pretty Glee-tastic way to approach the scene. CON: I literally groaned when I realized Shelby Corcoran was going to adopt Puck & Quinn's baby. Sorry Shelby, but I'm pretty sure you can't just swing by the hospital and pick up a baby for yourself. What did you think of the finale? Was it everything you wanted & more, or do you wish they did things differently? Weigh in below!

'Glee' season finale: The cast talks about their 'Journey'

We've come to the end of the journey -- for this season, anyway -- on "Glee," and Tuesday's (June 8) season finale is called, appropriately enough, "Journey." In the behind-the-scenes video below, the cast talks about the trip they've taken together since the show debuted way back in May of 2009. You know, the one with the Golden Globe for best comedy, rabid fans mobbing them at every turn and three No. 1 soundtrack albums. Cory Monteith (Finn) talks about the "epic" medley of Journey songs that New Directions sings at regionals (so epic he had to shake his fist, as depicted in the picture above), Jenna Ushkowitz (Tina) reflects on leaving the choir room behind for the summer and Matthew Morrison (Mr. Schue) discusses how close he and his castmates became during the course of the season: "They really felt like my students," he says. Source & Video

Glee Season Finale: And Baby Makes Glee...

It's an episode nine months in the making as former Cheerio Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron) finally goes into labor in Glee 's climactic season finale (airing tonight, 8:59/7:59c on Fox). And, according to Agron, fans had better watch with hankies in hand. "Quinn's going to give the baby up for adoption, even though she's not entirely sure to whom until the very end," reveals the actress, teasing that Will's estranged wife, Terri (Jessalyn Gilsig) - the infant's onetime would-be adoptive mother - will be buzzing about. "If Quinn were to give the baby to her after all Terri's done to Mr. Schuester (Matthew Morrison), it would have to be well-deserved," says Agron. "[But] in this show, anything is possible." (Psst: The tot's fate isn't the only drama in the works, as New Directions finally faces off against rival glee club Vocal Adrenaline.) So what will the future hold next season for the now-bumpless blonde? "I have a suspicion that Quinn might return to the Cheerios," says Agron. "It will be interesting to see what type of girl she becomes." Source Here

Kendra's TV Hotspots of the Week: Glee Finale, True Blood Premiere & Playing TV Catch-Up

Welcome to a new week of TV! If you missed any of your SideReel editorial team's columns last week, and/or want to check out our bios and more, visit our editorial team page: ''' Reel Critics '' As summer TV kicks off, don't forget to check our list of premieres each week like this week's Sink Your Teeth Into This Week's Summer Premieres, All Leading Up to True Blood! , and keep track of all the upcoming summer premieres on our full Summer Premiere Schedule ! What I'm Excited for this Week on TV: We're right in that TV limbo zone where it's time for the final fall show finale of the season, and to start kicking off the summer TV season! I'm excited for new episodes of Burn Notice , Royal Pains , and more this week, but my biggest TV highlights of the week are... Glee - As is the case with all season finales, this comes with a grain of salt. I'm super excited to see all the stops Glee will pull out for the season finale, but it also means the sadness of a glee-less summer. Despite that, I'm excited to see what will happen to our fav glee club now that it's finally time for regionals, and what drama will be stirred up, settled down, or concluded among all the characters. While there has been a lot of character drama since the fall finale, this past episode didn't have a lot of developments beyond Will and Terri's divorce getting finalized and Rachel officially getting her heart broken by Jesse. For the fall finale, I was hyped to see what would happen with all the couplings hanging in the air, but for this finale... what will happen besides the drama of regionals?? Guess we'll just have to wait and see! True Blood - While this thrilling premiere isn't coming until Sunday, I've been excited for it since the moment the 2nd season ended last summer! This show has made summer TV pretty much single-handedly, and it has made my TV-lovin' self actually sad to see summer TV go the last few seasons! I wasn't crazy about last season's focus on the Maryann craziness, but overall the show was still fantastic, so since the plot is looking cool this season including the drama around Bill's kidnapping plus some great new characters like a hottie werewolf played by Joe Manganiello, it looks like it's shape(shifting)up to be a great season! Get a reminder of where we left off last season and more on what's coming up this season on our new episode of This Week in TV 6.06.10 . What are you most excited for this week on TV? Summer Catch-Up Time Now that I'm spending about 20 hours less a week on new episodes of fall TV, there's plenty of time for some serious TV catch-up. (Seriously!) Grey's Anatomy - I did it! I really, really did it! Not only did I catch up on 10 episodes of Grey's Anatomy over the weekend (okay, that's a little embarrassing...) but I got away with waiting an entire 15 days after the dramatic, widely gabbed about Grey's season finale without... any... spoilers. Well, I did know there was something going on with a shooter in the finale, but considering that's all I heard, without a hint about who lived and died or any other plot points, I'd say that's pretty good for someone who spends all day on SideReel, Facebook, and Twitter. I'd lost track of Grey's in February because I just got tired of it, like many a fan did back in the day when they realized there was nothing new or interesting happening, and all the characters had become annoying. But, since I heard the finale was insane and I hadn't heard anyone talk about Grey's that way for years, I had to dig in and catch up with my spare TV time! I found it well worth the catch-up time though it meant staying up far too late after watching the intense finale all alone late at night! So, overall, I'd assume no one is reading this who didn't see the finale yet, so I won't recommend catching up if you haven't, but I would love to hear any thoughts on the finale since I've been avoiding all the chatter about it for weeks! Did you think it was awesome and got Grey's back on track, or was just a hyped up finale for a show that'll go back to the dull norm next season? Breaking Bad - While this one is actually still airing due to its random AMC schedule, it's another one I'd gotten behind on, but this time due entirely to waiting for my Breaking Bad watching comrade to catch up with me, and certainly not due to lack of interest in the show since it's absolutely edge-of-your-seat fantastic all the time! We're still working our way through the new season, which I was getting afraid was slowing down on its greatness and uniqueness until I got through Episode 5 of Season 3 where the plot stepped it up from dragged out family pain for Walt after quitting his meth cooking and selling to him diving head-first back into it with no good family-support intentions this time around! Can't wait to keep catching up through the end of the season coming all too soon on June 13th. What's on your summer catch-up list? The SideReel Editorial Team is on Twitter! Follow Kendra @sidereelKendra Follow Rachel @sidereelRachel Follow Alex @sidereelAlex Follow Dom @animereel Last Week's Editorial Columns Kendra's TV Hotspots of the Week: Glee, Burn Notice, Royal Pains & Summer Marathon Plans! Alex's Reality Rant: Sizing Up This Season's Bachelorette Hopefuls!

Glee Finale Potential Spoiler: What Happens Between Finn and Rachel?

It's hard to believe, but tomorrow night brings the final episode of Glee until the fall. What will we do?! Well, probably speculate on whatever cliffhangers creator Ryan Murphy leaves for us to pick over in the interim. And will one of those cliffhangers have to do with Finn and Rachel? Maybe! E!Online's Kristin Dos Santos was on set during the filming of the finale and she has some juicy tidbits to pass along. So if you're spoiler averse, close your eyes... now. Okay, for the rest of us: Apparently before, during, and after their duet on "Faithfully," Rachel and Finn make some lovey-dovey eyes at each other. Hmm. Well, we already know that. But does this mean they're definitely back together? Kristin says she'd "bet good money" on it. Cory Monteith is also betting on a long-term love connection between the two. "I would never give up hope on Finn and Rachel," Cory told Kristin. "Never. There is always hope for them!" To Read More Click Here .

GLEE Finale: "Journey" Episode 22 Promo

Watch a sneak peek of the season 1 finale of Glee titled "Journey" Episode 22 which airs Tuesday June 8 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on Fox. Synopsis: The moment New Directions has been waiting for has finally arrived: it's time for Regionals! But when Sue pulls a fast one on Will and the glee clubbers, their chances at the title could be compromised. Meanwhile, Quinn's life changes forever in the "Journey" season finale episode of GLEE airing Tuesday, June 8 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Source & Promo

Glee Season Finale Sneak Peek: 1.22 "Journey"

Glee is coming full circle for its season finale. We started with the smash hit "Don't Stop Believin'" and now it looks like the Glee kids will be singing Journey songs for Regionals. Also, it looks like nearly every famous guest star will be making a re-appearance. The season finale will be airing on June 8 and we have a promo for you below, along with a sneak peek (not great quality, but you're watching for the singing anyways!) IT'S TIME FOR REGIONALS ON THE SEASON FINALE OF "GLEE" ON TUESDAY, JUNE 8, ON FOX. To Read More Click Here .

Glee: Is Jessalyn Gilsig Leaving? She Isn't Sure Either

She's divorced from Will, she's no longer carrying a fake baby, and we didn't see much of her in recent episodes -- well, until last night. So the question still floats around: will we still see Terri in Glee 's second season? Jessalyn Gilsig isn't so sure herself either. "I still haven't gotten my letter," she told E! Online. "I'm feeling pretty confident about it. But I always like to have that little piece of paper in the end." Then again, why would they let go of her, now that she's getting a new storyline of her own -- that unlikely, err, relationship with Finn that we saw in last night's episode? "What happened was completely by accident," Gilsig explained. "She sees in Finn so much of what she saw in Will when she first met him because he's the same age as Will was. It's her way of remembering happier times -- when she used to be kind to Will. And she realizes, here's a chance to be supportive of this kid." To Read More Click Here .