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GLEE “Never Been Kissed” Review

On tonight’s episode of Glee, Puck returned from juvie, Darren Criss made his debut as Blaine, all the kids’ hormones seemed to go into overdrive, and the show took on the very timely topic of bullying. Whew! As hard as it was to watch Kurt and Coach Beiste endure such cruelty, I did like how their two storylines paralleled each other. Both had never been kissed and both appeared ready to leave McKinley High. However, Coach Beiste’s ending was a little bit happier than Kurt’s. She got her first kiss in a tender scene with Mr. Schue, while Kurt’s first kiss was with the bully who has been terrorizing him since last season. I saw this coming a mile away since Buffy the Vampire Slayer did practically the same story (remember Larry?), but that scene was still an OMG! moment. Even though things did not end well for Kurt, at least he met the adorable Blaine. Seriously, how cute is he? The Warblers cover of "Teenage Dream" was one of the best things I’ve seen on this show all season. To Read More Click Here.

Recap of Glee Season 2, Episode 6: ''Never Been Kissed''

Wow! Saying that tonight’s episode was shocking is like saying that Coolio’s music career isn’t what it once was; in other words, it’s an understatement. Kurt and Karofsky kissed? Just when we thought it was okay to express unbridled hatred toward Karofsky, Glee has to go and make us conflicted about him. Thanks a lot, Glee! Expressing unbridled hatred is a lot more fun. First, Finn got to play Dr. Drew and advise Sam on how to keep from getting overly "excited" with Quinn. (And by the way: Sam and Quinn as a couple? They’re cuter than those tiny corn-on-the-cobs that you get in Chinese restaurants!) Sam decides to picture Beiste in what we’ll call compromising poses, involving a ballerina outfit and a meat cleaver. Let’s just say Dot-Marie Jones, the actress who plays Beiste, was a good sport this week. To Read More Click Here.