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Glee Season 4 Review “Diva”

I could sum up my feelings  on this week’s  Glee , ‘Diva’, with a simple eyeroll but, in search of  some clarity, I’ll go into a little more detail. Every part of this episode that featured Tina was horrible, and every moment graced by the presence of Ms. Santana Lopez was glorious as usual.  Glee  has really shocked me lately with how offensively bad is has become, and ‘Diva’ sadly doesn’t buck the trend. The plot of the episode  involves all of our characters acting like conceited idiots for an hour, with plenty of forgettable songs that were chosen simply because they contained the titular word. No one really gets to play except Tina, though, and, while it’s lovely to see the character get some solos for once, her continuing storyline with Blaine has crossed far too many lines to be allowed. Yet allowed it is, and the writers don’t seem done with it yet. READ MORE...

'Glee' recap: The claws and cold remedies come out for 'Diva'

Let's get sassy!Or something like that. It's "Diva" week on "Glee," so there definitely was some sassy, some sparkle and a whole lot of what Santana euphemistically calls "brutal honesty." Taking a cue from these divas, I will thus be brutally honest in my recap.Unleash the diva!Emma (Jayma Mays) and Finn (Cory Monteith) decide that New Directions needs a diva-off in order to prepare for Regionals. This makes the girls and Blaine (Darren Criss) and Wade (Alex Newell) very happy, and they immediately burst into song. Regardless of the actual outcome in the diva competition (see below), who is your pick for the New Directions top diva? Feel free to use these pictures to influence your decision. After all, costumes play as much of a role in diva-dom as the singing and attitude.The continuing, uncomfortable tale of Tina and BlaineYes, Tina (Jenna Ushkowitz) is still obsessed with Blaine. No, we still don't know where... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/02/glee-recap-the-claws-and-cold-remedies-come-out-for-diva.html

'Glee' Recap: 'Diva'

by Melissa Albert This episode reminds us why Klaine (RIP) was such an unstoppable force of awesome: because even on their own, Kurt and Blaine are the best characters on " Glee ." This week, Kurt uses his skillz to deflate Rachel's overdrive ego, and Blaine, well...he had a bad cold. But he still manages to inspire Tina—who has played second fiddle for three and a half seasons—to finally access her inner diva. Kurt, on the other hand, has to force Rachel's not-so-inner diva back into its box. Since her victory at the Winter Showcase, she’s been treating him like an assistant and surrounding herself with bitchy sycophants. Kurt approaches this problem as only an undergrad at a performing academy could: by challenging Rachel to step to him at Midnight Madness, a late-night sing-off where NYADA students settle their disputes. Read More... //hollywoodcrush.mtv.com/2013/02/08/glee-recap-diva/

Glee Recap: Where Air Comes From

It’s a little bit of a bummer to follow up last week’s joyfest of an episode with an hour of Glee that doesn’t clear any bar higher than the one set by Naya Rivera’s M&M’s commercial. Fortunately, it’s one of the best candy commercials in recent memory, so this was still a decent episode — it just lacked the sparkle of last week’s. Before we dive into the episode, a question: Am I getting really puritanical, or is it inappropriate for a girl (Tina) to straddle a drugged, sleeping boy (Blaine) that she’s in love with while she unbuttons his shirt and then slowly rubs VapoRub into his chest? The Tina/Blaine crush had a tiny bit of potential to begin with — "I have a crush on a gay guy" is a pretty common real-life choir complaint — but it’s getting turned into Tina being obsessed with "going after what she wants." I’m assuming her actions were supposed to be sweet, but the whole situation felt predatory. Read More... //www.vulture.com/2013/02/glee-recap-season-4-diva-bring-him-home.html

Glee "Diva" Review: No More Miss Nice Tina (and WTF, Finn/Emma?!)

After last week's actually-not-terrible "Naked" explored body issues in a way that didn't suck, Glee opted to follow up its victory with "Diva," a celebration of everything awful about its characters. //www.tv.com/news/glee-diva-review-no-more-miss-nice-tina-and-wtf-finn-emma-30571/

Best Glee Quotes from Diva

The best quotes from the 13th episode of season 4 of Glee . //www.buddytv.com/slideshows/best-glee-quotes-from-diva-32891.aspx

'Glee' recap: Divas

The Glee club kids discover their inner diva, plus a surprise kiss and Santana’s return. //tvrecaps.ew.com/recap/glee-season-4-episode-13-diva/

Glee Recap of Season 4, Episode 13: "Diva" — Brittany Kisses Santana, Tina Loves Blaine!

Minds! Exploding! What are you doing, Finn? Oxygen — we need oxygen! Okay, we’re good. This week’s diva-licious Glee episode gave us one shocker after another, between Kurt beating Rachel, Finn kissing you-know-who, and Santana moving in with Hummelberry! On a side note, can someone find us a paper bag to breathe into? Thanks a bunch. But the most shocking moment of the night? The moment when Tina rubbed Blaine’s chest with VapoRub, and we realized this show is... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/p1pTYGUa4gg/glee-recap-of-season-4-episode-13-diva-brittany-kisses-santana-tina-rubs-blaines-chest

'Glee' Recap: Diva-Off 2 Causes Some Very Bad Romance

Last week Glee was all about the guys' hot bodies. This week it's about the ladies' hot vocal chords. It's Diva Week, which means Kurt and Rachel go to war and Santana is back to remind everyone that Naya Rivera is the best singer and actress on this whole damn show. There are also two very, VERY bad romantic entanglements. //www.buddytv.com/articles/glee/glee-recap-diva-off-2-causes-s-49154.aspx

Glee Review: Dueling Divas

Be it with a show tune from Les Miserables  or a new-age disco number like " Hung Up ," no series knows how to pull a diva-off quite like Glee . Those girls - and Kurt - were definitely on fire tonight! While we're still dealing with the clunker that is the Tina-Blaine crush, " Diva " was the Glee's  best outing so far in 2013. While the diva theme was a convenient way to kill several birds with one stone, tonight just worked. The blend of McKinley and NYC was nearly seamless, bringing them completely together at the end with Santana's arrival on Kurt and Rachel's doorstep. Read More... //www.tvfanatic.com/2013/02/glee-review-dueling-divas/