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Glee Season 5, Episode 12 “100” Best and Worst Songs — Do You Agree?

Gleemanages to pack an insane number of songs into each episode, which means there will always be a few standouts, along with the inevitable dud or two. We've narrowed all six of the performances fromSeason 5, Episode 12: “100,” down to the very best and the coulda-done-without. Do you agree with our picks? //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/c3isRQJzsZc/2014-03-19-season-5-episode-12-best-songs

Glee Recap: End of an Era

  Things that I had not realized I missed about Old Glee : Mike Chang finding random objects in the choir room and doing arm-flailing dances with them; Puck making up truly ridiculous nicknames for himself; Kurt’s “okay, fine, but I’m too old for this shit” face; Lord and Lady Tubbington. Fortunately, last night’s episode had all that and much more.   It would seem that the end of last week’s episode wasn’t all bluster – and forgive me for assuming it might have been, but remember when the show spent two full episodes drawing out Rachel’s “pregnancy scare” and then called it a false alarm? – and the glee club is done for good. All of the original New Directions members are on hand to say good-bye, even though they’re all supposed to be in school, at work, or in the Air Force. It’s a sweet, nostalgic little episode, but the new New Directions kids have to be sitting there and thinking, “She doesn’t even go here!” Don’t get me wrong, I’m definitely Team Original New Directions (although I think we should get a snappier team name), but lately, I’ve really empathized with the new New Directions. It’s one thing to listen to Rachel Berry give speeches about how great she is when you need her on your team; it’s another thing altogether when you’re being forced to listen to them recreationally . And while it’s sad for everyone that glee club has been defunded, especially in the “end of an era” sense, it’s arguably most difficult for the kids who will still be left at McKinley when it’s over, with no choir room as a safe haven.  Read More... //www.vulture.com/2014/03/glee-recap-season-5-100th-episode-gwyneth-paltrow.html

'Glee' recap: One Hundred

The oldest New Directions return to Lima and pair off to revisit some fan favorite performances in Glee 's 100th episode.   Read More... //tvrecaps.ew.com/recap/glee-100th-episode/

'Glee' 100th Episode Recap: Can April Rhodes and Holly Holliday Save the Glee Club?

I know it's the 100th episode of Glee and they wanted to bring back old characters, but once again, the current New Directions members are thrown into the background. It's not that I really care about the newer members. I actually enjoyed the cattiness between Santana and Rachel, the crazy that is Brittany and Puck's undying love for Quinn. I mean, they are, after all, the group that created Glee , they might as well celebrate 100 episodes.   Read More... //www.buddytv.com/articles/glee/glee-100th-episode-recap-the-o-52978.aspx

Best 'Glee' Quotes from the 100th Episode

The best quotes from the 12th episode of season 5 of Glee .   Read More... //www.buddytv.com/slideshows/best-glee-quotes-from-the-100th-episode-85027.aspx

'Glee' 100th episode recap: Was the New Directions celebration everything you wanted?

Things were both awkward and familiar during the first part of the big "Glee" 100th episode celebration, much like an actual high school reunion. We were able to see what our favorite non-regular former New Directions have been up to since graduation -- Puck's in the military, Quinn's dating a preppy Yalie, Brittany's a math genius at MIT -- while they tackled classic glee club songs from over the years. Mr. Schuester got the past and present members of New Directions to come back to Ohio to celebrate the glee club as its final year of existence came to a close. The assignment for the week: to re-do past "Glee" numbers in a new way. Will kicked off things by bringing back April Rhodes, who now owns her own island, to sing "Raise Your Glass" -- which was already different from the original "Glee" version since that was sung by the Warblers and this one... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2014/03/glee-100th-episode-recap-was-the-new-directions-celebration-everything-you-wanted.html

Glee Review: They're Baaaaaaaack!

Tonight is  Glee Season 5 Episode 12 , which means it's the 100th episode of Glee! I’m actually surprised it’s only the 100th episode. I feel like I’ve been watching forever. Rachel and Mercedes are arguing over who is more successful post high school. Mercedes wins with a “back of the bus” comment. Kristin Chenoweth is back and looks...not great. Remember when she was adorable on  Pushing Daisies  instead of looking like a reject from The Real Housewives of Lima Ohio? For the record, I adore Kristin Chenoweth, just not as April.   Read more:  //www.tvfanatic.com/2014/03/glee-review-theyre-baaaaaaaack/#ixzz2wclQhi1q

Glee Season 5 Review “100?

Reunion episodes are always a joyous occasion – full of old faces, old jokes and familiar dynamics all returning for a greatest hits of the good old days. For its 100th episode,  Glee  decided to take that last part literally, and promised a musical extravaganza full of old favorites, long awaited character reunions and a final goodbye to the glee club in time for the big New York move. But, somewhat inexplicably, ‘100’ was only the first half of this story, with part two – the ultimate savior of the club and presumably Will’s career and sense of self-worth – still to come next week. What made the  Glee  team decide to drag this out over two weeks, rendering the celebratory 100th installment of the show into nothing more than set-up and weak moments loosely strung together? The episode was never going to live up to last week’s Nationals episode, which I thought was one of only a handful of great hours of  Glee  to air since the first set of graduates left for greener pastures, but this just felt lame. Considering all I’ve wanted for the past two years is to see the gang all back together, it’s a shame that ‘100’ didn’t take advantage of the considerable feat of getting everyone in the choir room at once. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2014/03/19/glee-season-5-review-100/

Glee 5.12 “100? Review: Greatest Hits

Now, that’s the  Glee  I remember. That’s the  Glee  I would watch and rewatch and then rewatch again every week. That’s the  Glee  I fell in love with. Those are the main thoughts that came floating through my head last night during  Glee ’s 100 th  episode, appropriately titled “100.” Part of that unrestrained enjoyment (or most of it) may have been from a sense of nostalgia, from seeing all the beloved original glee club members return to the choir room for one last time, performing musical number after musical number like nothing had ever changed. But I think the more significant reason why last night’s Glee  worked so well was its focus on character, as the series looked to its past for most of the episode but utilized and applied these memories to the present and possible future of the show.  Read More... //www.tvovermind.com/glee/glee-5-12-100-review-greatest-hits-231296