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GO ON: Scott Silveri Talks Reuniting Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry On-Screen

For GO ON creator Scott Silveri, one of his former TV gigs — as an executive producer of a little sitcom called FRIENDS — is still a constant presence in his life, thanks to Matthew Perry being a part of both shows. But in tonight’s brand new episode, the duo staged a larger reunion than [...] //

'Go On': Watch Matthew Perry and Courteney Cox's 'Friends' reunion

Nine years after the end of "Friends," Monica and Chandler -- er, Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry -- haven't lost their chemistry.That's evident from watching this sneak peek of Tuesday's (March 26) "Go On," featuring Cox in a guest role as Talia, a woman Anne (Julie White) thinks Ryan (Perry) should get to know. The three meet for dinner, and it's pretty clear even in an 84-second scene that there's something there.There's even a bit of a callback to the "Friends" episode "The One Where Chandler Can't Cry." Anne attempts to talk up Ryan to Talia, who like them recently lost her spouse, by telling her they've cried together. Ryan protests, saying he hardly ever cries -- until Talia notes how much she likes a sensitive guy.One problem: During the dinner, Talia also gives some vibes to Anne, leading to a competition between Anne and Ryan. "Go On" airs at 9 p.m. ET Tuesday on... //

Go On (NBC) Episode 20 “Matchup Problems”

Go On Episode 20 "Matchup Problems" airs Tuesday, March 26 2012 on NBC (9-9:30 p.m. ET). Episode synopsis: Go On (NBC) Episode 20 "Matchup Problems" – Anne (Julie White) offers to set up Ryan (Matthey Perry) with a new acquaintance, Talia (Courteney Cox), a recent widow struggling to find her emotional direction. When the three go out together, Talia ends up heavily flirting with them both. Meanwhile Lauren (Laura Benanti) accidentally attracts a man away from Yolanda (Suzy Nakamura) who has gone on an Asian singles cruise to find a man for herself.Also starring Brett Gelman, Sarah Baker, Tonita Castro, Bill Cobbs and Hayes Macarthur READ MORE...

GO ON Promo: Courteney Cox ‘Seduces’ Matthew Perry

Need a boost for your Thursday? Why not check out this mini-promo for Courteney Cox’s guest spot on next week’s GO ON. (Which, thanks to Matthew Perry starring on the series, is making for a mini-FRIENDS reunion.) Yeah, that makes me happy, too. Follow @GiveMeMyRemote and @marisaroffman on Twitter for the latest TV news. Connect [...] //

FNC's 'The 'O'Reilly Factor' Beats NBC's 'Go On', 'The New Normal' and 'Smash' in Total Viewers

Scripted cable dramas and reality shows are frequently beating broadcast network primetime programming this season. Last night, a cable news program managed to outperform much of NBC's primetime line up in Total Viewers.  More people tuned into FNC's The O'Reilly Factor (2.92 million P2+) than Go On (2.87 million P2+), The New Normal (2.11 million [...] //

Go On (NBC) Episode 19 “Go for the Gold Watch”

Go On Episode 19 "Go for the Gold Watch" airs Tuesday, March 18 2012 on NBC (9-9:30 p.m. ET). Episode synopsis: Go On (NBC) Episode 19 "Go for the Gold Watch" – Ryan’s (Matthew Perry) show is rated #1 but even this new, exalted status does not provide the personal happiness he wants in his life. Lauren (Laura Benanti) explains that happiness comes from within and real joy can only be found by helping others. Ryan attempts to achieve inner happiness by helping Danny (Seth Morris) hook up with Sonia (Sarah Baker) but she fancies the stranger, Carlo (Ben Falcone) instead. Meanwhile Owen (Tyler James Williams) and Anne (Julie White) snoop around the house of the strange Mr. K (Brett Gelman) only to leave more disturbed than when they arrived.Guest starring, Terrell Owens, Rich Eisen, El Mandril. Also starring, Suzy Nakamura, Tonita Castro, John Cho and Hayes MacArthur. READ MORE...

'Go On' Sneak Peek: Who Is the Real Mr. K? The Search Is On (Exclusive Video)

In a first look at Tuesday's episode, an unlikely duo makes it their mission to find out the truth about the therapy group's most enigmatic character. //

'Go On' Creator Reveals Secrets Behind the 'Friends' Reunion Episode

"There's some nice flirtation, and there may even be a kiss for the diehard," Scott Silveri tells THR of Courteney Cox and Matthew Perry's anticipated April 2 installment. //

Go On (NBC) Episode 18 “Double Down”

Go On Episode 18 "Double Down" airs Tuesday, March 3 2012 on NBC (9-9:30 p.m. ET). Episode synopsis: Ryan (Matthew Perry), still pained from the breakup with Simone, (Piper Perabo) backslides into his old gambling habit, though sternly warned by Lauren (Laura Benanti) to steer clear. But when he receives the life insurance check for his deceased wife, it’s more than he can bear and he starts making bets on anything and everything. Meanwhile Anne (Julie White) meets a stunning, young bookstore clerk, Brittney, (Annie Heise) who turns out to be all beauty and no brains. Lauren comes to Ryan’s rescue by fleecing him at poker and in the aftermath, Ryan bonds with Anne over their respective lost loves.Also starring, John Cho, Brett Gelman, Suzy Nakamura, Sarah Baker, Seth Morris, Tonita Castro, Tyler James Williams. READ MORE...

'Go On' Preview: Courteney Cox Reunites With 'Friends' Co-Star Matthew Perry (Video)

NBC releases a sneak preview teasing the April 2 episode. //