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'Go On': Terrell Owens lines up a new job with Ryan

Something weird is happening on NBC's "Go On": Terrell Owens, one of the more reviled athletes in recent sports history, is becoming downright likable.The former NFL star makes his third appearance on the show Tuesday (Feb. 18). He applies to be Ryan's (Matthew Perry) temporary assistant while Carrie (Allison Miller) takes some time off. Ryan, prone to flattery as he is, takes Owens' more-or-less kind words at face value and hires him on the spot, as you can see in the clip at the end of the post.Never mind that just a couple episodes ago, Owens was helping Mr. K (Brett Gelman) and Steven (John Cho) flip Ryan's car in order to teach him a lesson. Ryan might want to watch his back, just in case.Tuesday's episode also has Ryan accompanying Simone (guest star Piper Perabo) on a meditation retreat, although Ryan has a little trouble uncluttering his mind. Lauren (Laura Benanti), meanwhile, becomes obsessed... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/02/go-on-terrell-owens-lines-up-a-new-job-with-ryan.html

Go On (NBC) Episode 16 “Go Deep”

Go On  Episode 16 "Go Deep" airs Tuesday, Feb 19 2012 on NBC (9-9:30 p.m. ET). Episode synopsis :  Ryan’s (Matthew Perry) prideful indignation over having to read a live commercial for a male enhancement  product causes him to stage a walkout, only to be replaced by Terrell Owens whom he just hired as a temporary assistant. Lauren (Laura Benanti) obsesses over a single low group evaluation score and solicits help from George (Bill Cobbs) to find out who gave her the poor rating. Meanwhile Simone (Piper Perabo) invites Ryan to a meditation center where he does everything but calm himself. And in group, it’s Anne (Julie White) who helps put Ryan back on track with the truth.John Cho, Brett Gelman, Suzy Nakamura, Tyler James Williams, Sarah Baker, Tonita Castro, Allison Miller and Seth Miller also star. READ MORE...