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Food Network's Alton Brown: 'Good Eats' 'very nearly killed me'

Zap2it: You were host of a Food Network cooking show called "Good Eats," which still airs on weekday mornings. Does that help in your relationship with the chefs on Food's cooking competition show "The Next Iron Chef: Redemption," airing Sundays?Alton Brown: I'm not a member of the [chef] club. I'm not considered one of them. They don't treat me like I'm one of them. I don't own a restaurant; I don't hobnob with them. In a way, I can't. I couldn't do the job that I do, on either "Iron Chef America" or "The Next Iron Chef," if I was all buddy-buddy with everybody.I know and respect them and treat them with respect; therefore they treat me with respect.Zap2it: "Good Eats" mixed pop culture, science and history with the art of cooking. Do you miss doing the show?Alton Brown: Yes and no. It was my life's work up to this point. For 13 solid years,... //