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Good Girls Revolt Review: Amazons 1970s-Set Series Flawed But Pertinent

In an America struggling in a very public way these days with how women are depicted and treated, and the election of the first female President of the United States a very real possibility, the October 28 debut of Good Girls Revolt on Amazon has timeliness written all over it both in a good and not-so-good way. But its definitely worth watching. Good Girls Revolt is based on former Newsweek editor Lynn Povich's 2012 book about a 1970 sexual discrimination class-action ...Read More... //

Review: In Good Girls Revolt, the Nasty Women of the 1960s Fight Job Discrimination

Amazons new show, about a group of young journalists, has serendipitous parallels to the contentious gender politics dominating the presidential election. ...Read More.... //

In Amazons Good Girls Revolt, a Gray Area of Change is Explored

Series creator Dana Calvo and star Genevieve Angelson discuss the origins of Amazon's new period show. ...Read More.... //

Good Girls Revolt Is a Diluted Version of Mad Men

There is probably a way to watch Good Girls Revolt without comparing it to Mad Men . But so far, I have not figured out how.   ...Read More.... //

Good Girls Revolt Review: Well, Not Every '60s Show Can Be Mad Men

As acclaimed as it was, Mad Men was never a breakout ratings hit which makes it all the more strange that so many 60s-set clones have popped up since its debut. First came NBCs The Playboy Club and ABCs Pan Am, both cancelled after a single season. And now comes Amazons newsroom drama Good [] //