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Good Luck! Ninomiya-kun Episode #01 Anime Review

Based on the light novel series by Daisuke Suzuki, with illustrations by Kyourin Takanae that ran an impressive seventeen volumes starting in 2004, 2007 saw the release of this twelve episode series alongside a four volume manga adaptation of it by the same author. The animation production was done by AIC Spirits which is a studio I've come to enjoy a good deal of when they dabble in properties like this as they harken back to the big eyed fanservice and fun style that I do find appealing when done well. What could possibly set this show apart a bit from other ones of the male lead with lots of girls surrounding him is that the Shungo isn't exactly a complete wimp. In fact, he's been well trained at hand to hand combat and can handle himself very well in difficult situations, which we see at the start here as he both deals with taking down a bear in winter and then coping with the girls of the school who want to tease him by showing him their panties, something he wants to get away from for some strange reason. While Shungo has a fun if difficult enough high school career in front of him, it all goes pear shaped pretty quickly with the arrival of girl from the back of a helicopter that's dropped right on top of him, though she seems pretty fearful of not just him but all the guys that are there. As it turns out, she's a new transfer student who just arrived along with her older brother. Mayu and Mikihiro are a very different pair of characters as he's very flamboyant, but not overly so, while she's very introverted and quiet. What's surprising is that the two of them are going to be staying with Shungo for the duration, which will be difficult for Mayu since she's pretty afraid of boys. When a slew of them show up at the nurses office afterwards and go zombie-like with their interest in her cuteness, it's a creepy yet very amusing scene. Read More