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Gossip Girl: gone with the will

*** spoiler *** i found this episode highly dramatic. i mean seriously. the ending of last episode left us hanging with the unexplained surprise kid story. while Lily and Rufus were busy hung up on the issue in Boston, things haven't been going so well around the Upper East Side either. Dan had been avoiding Serena to keep the whole surprise kid thing a secret and with one stupid foolish move of telling Vanessa in a public place, the whole school knows. I mean, wth? I didn't know Nelly Yuki can be such a . and then there's the whole Chuck and Blair thing going on. Blair was being possessive, as usual. and her whole "oh, we're just friends" act is definitely not buying anything. but as much as i hate to admit it, kudos to Blair for dumping Chuck. I mean i'm really sorry and no offense to anyone, but Chuck really deserved it (even though i'm rooting for Blair and Chuck). first, he blew off Blair for his past habit (which we all thought he got over) and then after he losses everything, including Bass Industries, he goes and apologize and expects her to forgive him? that's just so typical of Chuck. and then there's Jack. so much for being the only relative Chuck has. i cannot believe (no wait, actually i can) that he would sabotage Chuck to get hold of the position in the company. and it annoys me so much when he tries to be sexy to Blair. lastly, jenny never fails to be as annoying as ever. why can't she just leave eric and jono together alone? gosh. p.s/ i think the foster parents of Lily/Rufus' kid is so selfish. but then again, i'd rather they just forget the whole incident and move on with their lives. i can't wait till next week's episode!