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Gossip Girl 'Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes' Review

Georgina's Back! ...but is she really? It wasn't just me... you did see her hugging Chuck right? Look who's also back, Vanessa! Only to confess to Dan about her mishap with Chuck... twice. She was seen no where around Chuck this episode, but we missed her last episode because she'd been busy scanning for STD patches and ensuring her clean bill of health before she could drink all her sorrows away with her bff Dan. Do you blame her! After all, sleeping with Chuck did have its risks because of the many before Vanessa (many being an understatement). I wonder if Blair worried that much though? peaking of Blair and Chuck, their on-again-off-again relationship was sort of on-again-off-again again. Chuck attempted to rekindle the flame that hadn't officially blown out between them. It could be the fact that Nate was on-again with Blair that made Chuck a bit possessive of Blair (a sort). So maybe it was a coincidence that Blair and Chuck met up while Blair was stalking Serena's boyfriend (Gabriel), but it somehow felt like they were back to their old manipulative ways-working together-pulling schemes... Visit lexabuti.blogspot

Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes--> O_O

Ok, so the Poppy question has been answered. She and her boyfriend Gabriel are con artists and are taking the upper east side for all it's worth. This includes one Mr. Rufus Humphry who just lost everything by investing in this crap con. Right now it looks like there's going to be a literal twist to the jokes about the Humphry's poverty. How f*d up do you have to be to con a hard working man out of everything? Poor Rufus. Maybe Jenny could sell her hair to a drag queen wig shop? Cater waiter your heart out Dan! Along for the con ride is our lovely Serena, who at the end of the episode got pulled in further by Miss Lifton as she pretended that Gabriel robbed her as well. Hopefully Chuck and Blair come to the rescue and make those two wish for death. It looks like Miss Georgina Sparks may take Blair's spot in the wrath that falls upon Gabriel and Poppy if Blair decides to cuddle up to Nate in Murray Hill. Looks like Blair has some decision making to do. And what goodies are in store for us now that Georgina is back? We all know that girl couldn't go straight even if meant a mall of free Manolo's. I'm excited :D Character Comments: Rufus: Oh too proud to admit defeat and walks into con. Lesson: Don't be too proud to ask for help. Serena: So blind to bliss she misses big clues about her beau. Note: How naive is this chick that misses the big con parts? >_ Blair: Needs to make up her f*ing mind and stick to one decision. Nate or Chuck. Clear this up so you can get back in the game. We need the Wrath of the Waldorf for whats coming next, I can feel it. :D

Gossip Girl Rundown: Episode 2.22 "Southern Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" - Featured

This week on Gossip Girl , we open on Blair and Nate walking around in the Village, talking about Blair's mixed feelings about attending NYU. She's worried about ironic facial hair, mole men, middle-class professionals, and patchouli, which are the four majors available at NYU, so she's in trouble. Nate wants to show her around to all the great Village pizza places and pot dealers, and then proposes they try out the subway, which will be the quickest way for them to see each other next year, but she resists. Rufus, Jenny and Dan are shopping around for a trunk for Dan to take to Yale. Rufus tells the kids that selling the gallery will give him enough money to pay for college for Dan and Jenny and get some "breathing room" to figure out what to do next. Rufus spots an antique ring in a case, and Dan notices, but he says he is "just looking." Rufus answers his phone and walks away, and Dan shows Jenny the ring. (As if Lily would wear an old dusty bauble from a Brooklyn antique shop.) Blair goes to Serena and they lightheartedly talk about Chuck vs. Nate ("It's not a real relationship if you can't hold hands," Blair says.) and then the convo moves to Gabriel. Serena complains that Gabriel never has time for her because of his new company, then she admits that they kinda sorta got married in Spain. Blair says his disappearing act sounds fishy, and proposes they spy on him, code names and all. But since Serena hates fun trusts Gabriel, she refuses. Nate and Chuck are playing basketball, so naturally Chuck is wearing a full velour tracksuit over a polo and ascot. Nate says he feels weird talking to Chuck about Blair, but Chuck insists that they're friends and Nate has no reason to worry about him getting in the way of his relationship. Nate admits he is worried about being all the way across the city from Blair next year. The distance between Columbia and NYU basically makes them a long-distance couple. What to do? Nothing a little trust fund can't fix... Rufus and Lily sit down with Serena and Gabriel to get to know Serena's new toy. He spins a tale about his family's tradition in the tobacco industry, which he broke out from to start a company installing new technologies in the developing world. Lily mentions that she is hosting a co-op meeting tomorrow, and invites Gabriel. Rufus asks if they want to watch a movie, and Gabriel says he needs to peace out. Serena pouts about how he never has time for her, and he promises the contracts for his new business will be done in a week, and then he'll have time for her. He leaves just as S gets a text from B asking if he has bailed on her yet. Turns out Blair is waiting outside, wearing her spy beret. Chuck pulls up and recognizes the beret. He wants in on the intrigue, and jabs at Blair for seeking her thrills outside of Nate's arms. They stand behind a car and catch Gabriel enthusiastically greeting Poppy directly outside of Serena's house. World's smartest scheming couple, these two. To Read More Click here .