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Scenes from Upcoming "There Might Be Blood"

WATCH SNEAK PEAK OF THERE MIGHT BE BLOOD! There are a couple of scenes from the upcoming episode of Gossip Girl, there might be blood circulating around the web. In this scene, Blair and Serena try to impress the pants off of an influential Yale donor. They love Serena: ignore Blair. Big shocker. Desperate to help her friend, Serena... well, watch for yourself ;) WATCH SNEAK PEAK OF THERE MIGHT BE BLOOD!

Gossip Girl 2.09 Sneak Peek

Serena realizes that Aaron has been keeping a big secret from her in Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 9 There Might Be Blood. Read more.

Leaked Photos for There Might Be Blood: new episode

Check out the photos! Check out these photos, they're beautiful. It looks like Jenny is going to jail and kissing Nate in public... Jenny has stolen the leading role of this show away from Serena?! What do you think of her fashion? Check out the photos!

There Might Be Blood - NEW PREVIEW

OMG, it looks good. here's the new special preview of the newest Gossip Girl episode. You got to watch it for yourself so I won't give anything major away. But...somebody gets arrested and they have blond hair. Intrigued? :) Check it out... Watch Preview

Promo for There might be blood

Here's the link: Enjoy:)!!!

Pictures Episode 9: There Might Be Blood