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Episode Review S03E10 Take me to the Disco Stick

For a dissection of the episode, check out my blog: 'Plot 1: Serena tries to be good and avoid Trip, so she goes to Nate, so he can be bad and keep her away from Trip, which is useless in the end because she still ends up with Trip after almost kissing Nate. Trip really is an odd name.[...]'

Gossip Girl 3.10 'The Last Days of Disco Stick' Review - Featured

I am going to be frank from the beginning, I really do not like the direction the writers of Gossip Girl are going with this show. This episode bears no exception. I mean I really tried to find some interest in the new Vanessa Dan storyline, Blair's crazy obsession with the play and Jenny's experimenting stage, but I couldn't. I have accepted that Gossip Girl has found its way into this type of political drama and lost sight of why fans loved the series in the beginning. Yet for the past few weeks now, washed down writing has become frequent and honestly I could do without it. Vanessa-Dan-Olivia The Threesome sequel to last week's 'They Shoot Humphrey's, Don't They?'. Olivia and Dan's relationship became very plain to me, the threesome more hurt than helped their relationship. Dan is completely out of character, since when does Dan get off on being 'The Man'. This is certainly not the Dan Humphrey we knew in Season one. Ever since he and Serena broke up he's been like a wild horse, almost compared to what Chuck Bass used to be. Even now that he's dating a movie star his ego must be on a serious high. I was glad Nate was around to give him some perspective about sleeping with the girlfriend and the best-friend. Dan has real feelings for Vanessa and even if the writers wanted to screen them together, the possibility is blurred by the threesome. I was hoping for the threesome to be some sort of dream sequence and where Vanessa pushed Olivia away to get her share could easily enlighten the hilarity of the dream. Blair, The Play and her Lady Ga Ga Project. *sigh* Blair is back to using petty stunts, blackmail and foul play into getting the job done, only this time it wasn't fun to watch. I really don't get it anymore. I don't get Blair's obsession to fit in, I don't get why this play was so important to her or even why she would work with Dan and Vanessa and I don't get those minions... It's just tiring hoping for Blair to have a character change or instead of fitting into NYU, try blackmailing some other schools into an acceptance that suits her. The NYU domination theme is getting really old and boring. There was once a time I would anticipate Blair scenes, now I can't wait for them to end. I understand using guest star appearances and performances to shape up ratings is what Gossip Girl has succumbed to lately, but does it really help? I may have enjoyed Lady GaGa's performance, but it's like the show is using these stars to define itself as opposed to shining on it's own. Serena-Tripp and Nate I was very disappointed in Serena here. She has been on the low many times, but I'm sure she not foolish enough to fall for the married man-marital issues ploy. Did Tripp really get upset about his wife's drowning gimmick to have an affair? I could understand it if he was a guy of morale principles who held the people in his life on a pedestal, but the writers didn't take the time to establish Tripp's character. Nate is one to be on the sidelines lately. They either need to give him an official storyline or just kick him out of the show until they get one! When they flashed back to Serena and Nate from Season One, I thought they were going to put them back together and that really would be a huge mistake. They could barely make any guy in Serena's life interesting, who knows how they would recreate Serena and Nate without adding a bit of messy on the side. Jenny-Damian and 'I'm Chuck Bass' Damian: "What exactly does an Upper East Side Queen do? Wear designer clothes, boss people around?" Jenny: "No, go to parties and openings and stuff." Damian: "Where you wear designer clothes and boss people around? Sounds like kind of a yawn." I feel really sad for Jenny, she hasn't only lost sight of who she used to be, but she's lost everyone she would consider a true friend. Her brother Dan is too busy with his threesome issues to notice and her dad is completely oblivious. This Ambassador's son might have been a drag, but he did define Jenny's Queen gig well - 'kind of a yawn'. Jenny is just too young to have all this burden on her shoulder. She revealed to Chuck that she was more lonely and bored than when she was in Brooklyn. Blair always had someone to accept her ways non-the-less and Jenny has no one. I knew Chuck would have been the one to pull Jenny out, and I admire his brotherly ways towards her. I still don't buy how clueless Rufus is as a parent towards his daughter and how Lily keeps encouraging Jenny into to stuff she's not really ready for. This was another one of the 'I'm Chuck Bass' lines, but it felt overused for some reason. Finally... Maybe I mentioned this before, but I am getting tired of the same old story lines and there doesn't even seem to be a silver lining. I keep hoping that the following week would surprise me, but it always turns out to be just the same old material as before. It looks like next weeks 'The Treasure of Serena Madre', Serena and Tripp have this affair thing going, Vanessa's mom is making another appearance. I actually liked Vanessa's mom and she might provide some - thing, but I'm not certain how I feel about that, probably the same ole quality. Quote: Nate: "Serena, I didn't tell you about Maureen because Tripp's a married man. If you go with him now you're going to cross the line." Serena: "Thank you for everything, Nate really, but that line just got a little blurry." Then Wear Glasses! Lexa ______________ Just One Star *sigh* ______________

'Gossip Girl' Wrap-Up: "Bad Romance" Is An Understatement (Lady Gaga's First!) Season 3, Episode 10

Don't get me wrong: that was a good episode, Gossip Girl! Full of Blair-power, Chuck-heroism, and Dan-doofusness! Plus, Nate basically became a genius therapist, and that's fun, because everytime I think you can't top the last thing that made no sense, you do it! You top it, with something that makes even LESS than ZERO sense! It sounds mathematically impossible, but you manage it, every time. You also put Serena in shoulder pads, and made Rufus say "gonorhhea"! You even gave me Lady Gaga. So: Bravo, Gossip Girl! A truly momentous episode. But it really was full of bad, BAAAAD romances. Dan and Vanessa? Been there, barfed that. But I guess... they work. Serena and Tripp? In the sense that I can't decide who is a bigger hypocrite, I guess they work, too. Blair and the uppity, ugly theater kids? B, you're better than that. Conquering the school is not worth keeping the company of those who would insult the amazing Cyrus Rose. Wake up and save your Gaga-favors for the truly worthy! What else was good, bad and ugly about tonight's Gossip Girl, episode 3.10, "The Last Days of Disco Stick"? Let's get down to it, faster than Damien's drug-dealing hand to Jenny's royal crotch-al region. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Gossip Girl Season 3, Episode 10: "The Last Days of Disco Stick" - Recap

This week on Gossip Girl, Nate was very busy playing Dr. Phil as he doled out post-threesome advice to Dan and preventative affair-with-a-married-man tips to Serena. Meanwhile, Chuck stepped in for Dan and played big brother to Jenny, who was getting in over her head with a new friend Chuck introduced her to. The Third Person Is Supposed To Be A Stranger Post-threesome, Dan was riding high, practically skipping down the streets of New York. Nate had to be a buzz-kill and tell him he made a grave mistake by having Vanessa as the third person in his threesome with Olivia. As Nate explained, "I know things. I've been to Europe. Chuck Bass is my best friend." Nate - where were you last week? This mistake became obvious when Dan and Vanessa shared an awkward hug and Olivia and Vanessa seemed to be avoiding each other; and Olivia was less than thrilled that Dan was accompanying Vanessa to their annual Morrissey concert. We got to see more of that pivotal night via flashbacks, although the three participants remembered it very differently. Soon Olivia was getting Dan to participate in a cabaret event with the theater department on the same night as the Morrissey concert, and by this point it was obvious to Nate that things were officially at "post-threesome stage one," in which the girls were getting possessive over Dan. There was also someone else interested in Dan: Blair. But she just interested in his writing talents, as she wanted him to write the play she was producing/costarring in/directing so that she could impress the Tisch theater kids at NYU. Dan wrote a reimagining of "Snow White," and he brought Vanessa on board to direct. This made for fun tension behind the scenes between Vanessa and Olivia, as well as snide comments from V such as, "If I want to turn someone into a bat, I'll ask you." It didn't take long for Blair to guess what had happened and give Dan the same late advice as Nate: "How stupid can you be? The third person's always supposed to be a stranger!" Blair then forced both girls to continue on in the play by blackmailing them, and Dan promised Olivia that he and V were "just friends." But Olivia didn't believe him. She said she was getting a more-than-friends vibe from him, not Vanessa, and felt that he looked at Vanessa and kissed Vanessa in a way he never had looked at or kissed her. Dan got another chance to kiss V when Olivia deliberately missed her cue and Vanessa stepped in to portray Snow White. Their on-stage kissed gave way to a flashback of their threesome kiss, and Dan started to realize what Olivia meant. But Dan didn't want to give up on his relationship with Olivia, so he was unhappy to learn that she had accepted a film role in The Bitches of Eastwick (as Olivia explained, "It's like Heathers, but with witches"). So Olivia's leaving, and will be gone until next fall. Then V came by to explain to Olivia that she hasn't liked Dan "like that" for years, and that she thinks Paul from the theater department likes her. So Dan was then left all alone, living up to his Lonely Boy nickname once again. However, the play may have helped Dan get into the creative writing program next fall, and it worked out well for Blair, too. The snobby theater kids originally laughed at her when she said her stepfather (whom they never heard of) had connections to Lady Gaga (according to Blair, Cyrus was the inspiration for "Poker Face"). They were no longer laughing when she used these connections to get them into a dress rehearsal of Lady Gaga's. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now