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Gossip Girl TV Review: Season 4, Episode 6 - Easy J

Monday's episode of Gossip Girl was full of OMG moments -- most notably, those involving Little J's return! But while Jenny's not always the most likable person (ha!), Blair definitely took the cake this episode when it came to despicable behavior! From Jenny's confiding in Gossip Girl to Tim Gunn's guest appearance, find out all of Kira's favorite moments from this episode of GG! Watch and comment in the link below! Gossip Girl TV Review: Easy J

Gossip Girl 4.06 “Easy J” Review

What. The. Hell?! Last night’s  Gossip Girl  was damn near the last straw for me in dealing with the whole Blair dominating mess. She does not own the Upper East Side. She does not have stake on the city’s borders, the docks, or the office of the deeds in the city. She doesn’t personally know any people of real power in the city. In short, she does not have the right to say who can and cannot enter any section of New York City or any where else on God’s Green Earth. To Read More  Click Here.