Review of Granite Flats

60 minutes

A small group of friends, the strain of the Cold War, and secret agents from the KGB and FBI all come together in a mysterious, small Colorado town. Now on Netflix, BYUtv's first ever scripted drama, Granite Flats, will keep you on the edge of your seat as fear is felt, secrets are revealed, and friendships are tested.
Dec 25, 2015 9:39AM EST

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Only 2 episodes in but unlikely to go back for more.
Started out interesting, debris from the sky, destroys a bird feeder, kills a calf, breaks a window, causes a gas explosion.
Spies, Aliens, kids investigating but.... Poor acting and a very slow paced story hold back what could be a good "famous five/secret seven" style show, and from what I've read season 2 moves away from following the kids story's.
May get better later on as it did make it to 3 seasons but with so many other good shows to watch, I'll probably not make more time for this one.
Over all if you are looking for a safe family series give it a go, there will be some fun to be had.
Note: Show has a Mormon station background so there is a little extended preachyness but not to Kirk Cameron levels, so I didn't think it too over doing it - but you can make your own decisions on that.


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