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Tonight's TV Hot List: Wednesday, April 28, 2010

* Modern Family (9/8c ABC) Phil's reticence to tell Claire anything she might not like to hear has the tendency to turn molehills into mountains. Well, there's another one to climb when Phil's dad (Fred Willard) shows up in a motor home, and if that's not a big enough surprise for Claire, he's also brought them a dog. Guess you better build a doghouse for two, eh Phil? Meanwhile, Cameron offers to sit in on the drums in Dylan's band, and Manny wears out the panic button after seeing a scary movie. * Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (10/9c NBC) Sharon Stone guest stars in the first of four episodes as A.D.A. Jo Marlowe, a former cop who was once Stabler's partner. She requests that Stabler and Benson be assigned to investigate her latest case, which centers on two young girls who died in a fire that their father is accused of setting. Always one to push the envelope, Stabler resorts to using some troubling interrogation tactics that could result in him and Benson landing in hot water. * Happy Town (10:01/9:01c ABC) ABC returns to a formula that first percolated through the public consciousness 20 years ago with Twin Peaks: a murder in a small town that's home to many eccentrics. The series gets started with a grisly crime that reawakens worries about unsolved kidnappings from years earlier, the arrival of seemingly pleasant newcomer Henley Boone (Lauren German) and the weird behavior of the town sheriff (M.C. Gainey), who thrusts unwanted responsibility onto the shoulders of his deputy son (Geoff Stults). * Top Chef Masters (10/9c Bravo ) Thus far in Season 2, the well-seasoned professional chefs have been tasked to serve up first-date dinners, birthday-party cuisine and reinvented pub grub. Now they go prime time. Competing culinary artists Debbie Gold, Jody Adams, Maria Hines, Rick Tramonto and Susur Lee add modern flare to classic fare, then serve up their creations to the cast and crew of the TV series Modern Family. * Sunset Daze (10/9c WE Reality) TV takes on the senior set in this series, which follows several residents of an Arizona retirement community. There's no knitting or ice-cream socials here - the community is home to a lively bunch, including an ex-nun with a taste for extreme sports, a widow looking to break back into the dating scene, and a ladies' man who cruises the neighborhood in a golf cart. In the premiere, a theater enthusiast is invited to a gay rodeo, which her son organized. * Great Performances (8/7c PBS) Former Dr. Who portrayer David Tennant stars as the Danish prince who asks "to be, or not to be?" in this production of William Shakespeare's Hamlet, which earned plaudits from the British press when it aired in England late last year. Patrick Stewart costars as his uncle Claudius, who ascended to the throne following the death of Hamlet's father and then had the temerity to wed Hamlet's mother. As Hamlet observes, "All is not well. I doubt some foul play." Source Here

Tonight's TV Hot List: Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2010 - Featured

* Leverage (10/9c TNT ) After a four-month absence of new episodes, the catchy con-job series returns to continue its second season. Forget crimes of passion - tonight there are crimes of fashion. Nate Ford and his crack crew of surreptitious scammers and schemers slip into the high-fashion world in their bid to trounce a tyrannical sweatshop owner. Guest star Jeri Ryan reprises her role as slinky Tara Cole, a temporary member of Nate's team. The episode is preceded by a 10-hour marathon of Leverage shows. * The New Adventures of Old Christine (8/7c CBS) Everyone knows that Christine needs a therapist more than she needs a boyfriend, but what's a woman to do when she falls madly in love with her handsome therapist, as Christine does? Tonight crazy Christine tells her therapist, Max (Eric McCormack, in a great recurring role), that she's in love with him. What will be his response? He knows she's nuts, but she's also adorable - an irresistible combination. * Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (9/8c NBC) Sarah Paulson guest stars as a woman who fears for her safety after her wealthy parents are killed and she realizes that a mysterious man (Naveen Andrews) has been following her for some time. The man simply won't get lost, and that's because he's a Special Frauds detective looking into a possible embezzlement scheme she's running. But he's not the only one she needs to worry about - soon Benson and Stabler are also investigating her because she's become a suspect in her parents' murder. * Great Performances (9/8c PBS) Spike Lee documents a performance of the Tony Award-winning musical Passing Strange, about a young, middle-class black youth (Daniel Breaker) in the mid-1970s whose quest for "the real" leads him to leave his church-dominated home life in L.A. and head to Europe. * High School Reunion (10/9c TV Land) If life, as Kurt Vonnegut observed, is "nothing but high school," then not much will have changed for the members of Las Vegas' Chaparral High School's class of 1989, who gather in Hawaii for the third season of the TV Land reality show. Oh sure, there will be "late bloomers" and "former nerds," but in the premiere, the rivalry between the "Cheerleaders" and the "Summer Girls" is still as bitter as ever, and the "Football Star" takes a stroll down memory lane with his high-school sweetheart. Source Here