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Greenleaf Season Finale Recap: A Moment of Silence

"What Are You Doing Here?" ends with a lit fuse instead of a bang. ...Read More... //

Greenleaf Recap: Rome Is Burning

The downside of soapy dramas like Greenleaf ? They can be too predictable. ...Read More... //

Greenleaf Recap: Taking Root

Lady Mae knows how to hold a grudge. ...  Read More... //

'Greenleaf': EW Review

Oprah Winfrey has spent alot of her talk-show afterlife bringingreligion to the masses. In 2014she launched Oprahs The Life You WantWeekend, an arena tour that showcasedRob Bell, a new-wave Christian thinker whosparked controversy by arguing against theconcept of hell. The following year... ...Read More... //

Greenleaf Recap: Who Are You?

"March to the Sea" slows down the pace to establish more family secrets. ...  Read More... //

Greenleaf Recap: Bishop's Got a Gun

Greenleaf is on the verge of becoming a runaway train.   Read More... //

Greenleaf Recap: The Whole Book

Let's hope Greenlead knows what it has in Keith David and Lynn Whitfield. ...  Read More... //

Greenleaf Recap: Last Train Home

After a few stumbling weeks, Greenleaf regains its footing. ...  Read More... //

Greenleaf Recap: Praise Reports

Lynn Whitfield makes Greenleaf crackle with energy.  Read More... //

Greenleaf Recap: Black and Blue

More Lady Mae, please! ...  Read More... //