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Grey's Anatomy

"She's Leaving Home (2)"

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Grey's Anatomy S11E23
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Callie continues to work with Dan after she had to amputate his leg, and remembers when she and Derek created the robotic limbs. After not letting Derek's death affect her, Amelia has an emotional breakdown at the hospital, leading her to buy drugs. At Meredith and Derek's house, Owen manages to convince Amelia to not take the drugs, which leads Amelia to confront her feelings about Derek's death. On Valentine's Day, Ben reveals to Bailey about wanting to be unplugged like Bailey, but Bailey, now accepting Ben's wish to live at all costs, is disappointed with his decision. April returns from her military leave which happily surprises Jackson, and Catherine comes around and proposes to Richard, who happily accepts. Meredith begins to bleed from her uterus and Zola calls 9-1-1 saving Meredith's life, paralleling when Meredith saved Ellis' life. Meredith gives birth to a baby girl named Ellis, and Alex shows up to support her as he was her emergency contact person. Meredith finally returns to Seattle and decides to start over.
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