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Grey's Anatomy - Breaking Up Is(n't) Hard to Do

Previously on Grey's Anatomy, the interns took their intern exams, Izzie told George she had no feelings for him, mountain climbers were brought into the ER missing one of their party who arrived later with an axe in his head, Crush got her memory back, Joe and Walter are adopting but the potential birth mom collapsed at the bar, Adele is pregnant and also collapses, and there's the little matter of the new Chief Resident and Chief of Surgery who need to be announced. In addition, I seem to be competing for Longest Run-On Sentence Ever. Read More

"Grey's Anatomy": In the End, Who Finally Did Whom?

Meredith and Derek As John Mayer would say, this couple is slow dancing in a burning room. After last week's bar flirtation (which, it turns out, involved Meredith's long lost sister, Lexi Grey), Derek tells Meredith, "I met a woman last night; she was pretty, I noticed, and we talked". Harsh! Is it just us, or does anyone else forget why this couple is fighting in the first place? Something to do with drowning? Meredith tells Derek he should just dump her already. Yes, Derek, do it! But no, this season leaves their coupledom up in the air. We still don't get why Derek is so obsessed with her, especially since her face looks particularly wide. Maybe it's just our TV? Next season: We predict that they'll break up. Then get back together. And break up again. And maybe get back together. Read More