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Grey's Anatomy: Preview of Episode 6.19 "Sympathy for the Parents"

According to the roundup posted earlier this week, tonight's Grey's Anatomy episode is one heavily featuring Alex Karev (Justin Chambers). It's going to take a lot to have "Sympathy for the Parents" top the previous Owen-centric episode. On tonight's installment, Alex's younger brother Aaron shows up at Seattle Grace-Mercy West. It's not just for a routine visit; it's because he has hernia. Though he isn't worried, there's a problem. Now, Alex has to convince Bailey (Chandra Wilson) to approve his pro bono surgery. If that isn't difficult enough, things get even tougher for him because Aaron reveals a secret to the family. He hasn't heard from Alex since he arrived in Seattle, leading them all to expect the worst. But the resident hits rock bottom when hidden bits of his past rise to the surface. To Read More Click here .

Grey's Anatomy Sneak Previews: "Sympathy For the Parents"

As Grey's Anatomy sneak previews go, this one is pretty big. We learn: * That Derek wants to have McBabies (!) with Meredith * That Izzie has served Alex with divorce papers (!) * That Meredith and Alex's friendship is awesome * That Alex's brother arrives unannounced All in 90 seconds! The sneak peek below, from Thursday's "Sympathy for the Parents," begins with Meredith in bed and takes place largely with Alex "being a girl" in the shower. Intrigued yet? Watch below and comment afterward ... Source & Preview

Grey's Anatomy Photo Gallery: "Sympathy For the Parents"

The action is really picking up on Grey's Anatomy, as we saw in last week's promo for Thursday's upcoming "Sympathy For the Parents." In the gallery of promotional photos below, it's clear that when Alex's brother comes to town, there's going to be serious hostility. We're talking physical blows. As in a fist fight. From what little we've learned about Alex's background so far, it isn't pretty in the least. And as the first family member of his to visit Seattle Grace, Aaron may be bringing more baggage than his older brother is ready to deal with. Should be very interesting. Source & More Photos

'Grey's Anatomy' 6.19 Preview: O Brother 19

"Grey's Anatomy" welcomes Jake McLaughlin to guest star as Alex's younger brother named Aaron. Since a family member is present at the Seattle Grace-Mercy West, past secrets or any things hidden by Alex are bound to be unveiled in this episode. Aaron shows up at the hospital with a hernia and it's up to Alex to get Bailey's approval for his pro bono surgery. Matters are further complicated when Aaron discloses that his family has not heard from Alex since he arrived in Seattle, and parts of Alex's past long kept secret are revealed to his friends and fellow doctors. "Sympathy for the Parents" airs on April 1. Beside largely focusing on Alex, the episode also draws the attention to MerDer. As creator Shonda Rhimes blogged on EW, "Derek and Meredith are going to have a very serious conversation that may or may not involve the word 'baby'." Source & Preview