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Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 5 "Invasion"

It's great to see something exciting happen in Grey's Anatomy, adding lots of new faces into the show. Sometimes a show can go stale, stretching stories amongst characters making it become dull and boring; however, a merger with Mercy West and Seattle Grace has created much friction and interesting new characters. As for Torres and her new found love with Arizona, it was nice to see her actually stick up for what she feels and believes about her new relationship with a female. Her father is definately traditional in his beliefs and even brought a priest to see her, to help her with what has evolved in her life. I couldn't imagine the feeling of disappointment when your own parent would go to that extreme to make you feel like you have sinned to that extreme. I hope he comes around. You can not help but root for Arizona and Torres in this show, especially after the devasting relationship and loss she experienced with George.

Grey's Anatomy: The Moment We've All Been Waiting For

A dream is fulfilled. But first, the background. At the onset of the episode, Seattle Grace is infiltrated by Mercy West-ers. The merger has forced the chief to lay off even more people, and so both staffs are trying to undercut one another in order to survive. Dressed in orange scrubs, the no-mercy Mercy West residents quickly outmaneuver our old friends from Seattle Grace. Read More

Grey's Anatomy Episode Recap: "Invasion"

In this episode of Grey's Anatomy , the new doctors from Mercy West invade Seattle Grace, putting everyone on edge. Izzie assists Bailey with a patient awaiting a kidney transplant, Lexie bonds with a burglar who broke his back, and Cristina continues to deal with her dissatisfaction with not being able to pursue cardiothoracic surgery. Meanwhile, Callie's dad is back in town, and he's brought along a priest to help him "pray away the gay." Plus: The Chief gets some instructions from HR on how to properly fire staff members, and before the episode ends, one of our original interns gets a pink slip. Who's scrubbing out? Let's find out! Since we were introduced to four brand new doctors this evening (and I sometimes have trouble keeping up with the ones we already know), I've decided to break the episode down based on those four stories. Dr. Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) Avery makes a quick first impression by suggesting the doctors be assigned to zones, a technique used at Mercy West. Dr. Hunt approves - despite Cristina's objections - and as luck would have it, Yang gets paired with Avery. Their patient is brought into the ER with a leg laceration. Turns out, the patient had fallen in love with his buddy's 19-year-old daughter, and his buddy showed his gratitude with a knife. Yang shows up Avery with some quick hands, as she stops a bleeder before he can even get close to the action. Avery gets his moment, however, when the young girl's father comes after their patient with a hammer. Avery prevents the attack by tackling the man and holding him down until security can deal with him. Worse, Avery (and all the Mercy Westers for that matter) decides to work through lunch, and because he was in the ER when the patient's condition worsened, he gets to scrub in instead of Cristina. Yang reports back to Meredith, who is still in recovery from giving up her liver. Cristina goes into hysterics and tells Meredith she has no idea what she's fighting for. She spends her days chasing surgeries she doesn't care about, just because she misses the thrill of cutting people open. Worse, she's angry at Owen for going out of his way to not show favoritism. "I miss Burke," she says, noting that when he was there, she held hearts every day. (She also downplays the favoritism he showed her, which, despite her skills as a surgeon, I find laughable.) Ultimately, Cristina is tired of fighting. To Read More Click Here . If You Missed This Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Gray's Anatomy S6E5

The last episode of Gray's Anatomy was fantastic. I cant remember the last time i was so empessed with the show. It was so sensire, so meaningful.. I felt like crying a couple of times. Well, actually i did. Christina was amazing when she came to cry in Meridiths ward. And also there were a lot of really great moments. I loved it. Hope u did too