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'Grey's Anatomy' recap: Major Trauma

A bombshell episode disguised as a run-of-the-mill one, no? Last week’s looked all fancy, with its documentary camera work and Mandy Moore appearances, but this week’s shocked big time — and twice. We started with Arizona and Callie packing for Malawi, though we knew they couldn’t really be shipping off two major characters with little fanfare (nobody leaves this show without major backstage drama that’s reported on for weeks, if not months, right?). And yet we still didn’t see the ending coming quite the way it did — but we’ll get to that. We’ll also get to that other big surprise that, in a way, we’ve known would happen but still found ourselves a little stunned by. In its best moments,  Grey’s Anatomy knows how to twist a plot in the subtlest of ways. Relations between my favorite non-lesbian two ladies, Cristina and Meredith, had grown noticeably frosty as the day began. Derek theorized that it was because Owen had won the million-dollar-contest for his trauma project, while Derek was left to forage for Alzheimer’s grants on his own. Meredith doubted that (as did I), but she volunteered to skip Owen’s trauma certification as a sign of marital solidarity. Alas, she wasn’t getting out of the training that easily. To Read More  Click Here.