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Grimm Series Finale: EPs Answer the Burning Questions

  [The following contains spoilers for the Grimm series finale. Read at your own risk!] The Grimm series finale eventually delivered a happy ending for Nick Burkhardt ( David Giuntoli ), but he had to go through the worst possible personal hell to reach it. It turns out that Zerstorer never actually made ...Read More... //

Grimm Finale: EPs Explain All Those Deaths, Rosalee's Skipped Pregnancy and Who They Just Couldn't Bring Back

Warning: The following post contains major spoilers from theGrimm series finale. The problem with ending previous seasons of Grimm with huge, cliffhanging episodes, showrunners James Kouf and David Greenwalt tell TVLine, is that the series finale then had to be even an even bigger deal than what had come before. So what did the executive [] //

Grimm Series Finale: Creators On That Killer Twist, The Jump In Time & Leaving Options Open For More

SPOILER ALERT: This story contains details about tonight's series finale of Grimm . After six season and 123 episodes, NBC's fantasy crime drama Grimm has come to an end and boy did they save the best for last, taking fans on a whirlwind of emotions. The second to last episode left fans shocked after Hank and Wu were unexpectedly killed and the Zerstrer was roaming around town trying to find his young bride. As the finale began, Nick tried to bring his friends back ...Read More... //

'Grimm' Bosses Break Down Series Finale Deaths and "Open" Ending

"We wanted to have an epic battle between good and evil at the end," exec producer David Greenwalt tells THR about the surprising final hour of the NBC supernatural drama. ...Read More... //

Grimm Finale: Behind-the-Scenes Scoop on Those Two Surprise Returns

Warning: This post will spoilGrimms series finale if you havent watched it yet. When Grimm co-creator James Kouf thinks about his supernatural dramas finale,One of the things Im proudest of, at the end, is that its one man and three women taking on the evil, he tells TVLine. That man is series protagonist Nick Burkhardt, [] //

Grimm Series Finale: How Did It End?

Well that was...grim. Or at least it was for a while. We just wanted to use that opening line, to be honest, but things did get really, really bad at for a while during the series finale... ...  Read More... //

Grimm Series Finale: Watch the Heartbreaking Opening Scene Now

Grimmsters, its time to hold each other close: The End is upon us. No, Im not being dramatic thats the title of the NBC supernatural shows final episode, which airs Friday at 8/7c. The previous episode ended with ultimate big bad Zerstrer killing nearly everyone in the Portland Police Departments precinct, including Nicks friends [] //

Grimm Mega Buzz: Zerstorer Gives Nick an Impossible Choice

  Nick ( David Giuntoli ) faces a Sophie's Choice on Friday's Grimm finale. Zerstorer -- formerly known as Skull Guy -- is in Portland, and he's looking to make Diana (Hannah R. Loyd) his child bride so she can birth him a thousand children as he recreates hell on Earth. ...Read More... //

Grimm's David Giuntoli Dishes Two (!) Big Deaths, Series Finale Time Jumps

Warning: Read no further until youve seen FridaysGrimm, because there are major spoilers ahead. Epic battles tend to have heartbreaking casualties, and the shootout that ended this weeksGrimmwas no exception: The episodes final moments saw an attack at the precinct that left two of Portlands finest Hank and Wu dead. A very brief [] //

Just How 'Tragic' Is the 'Grimm' Series Finale?

Grimm is primed and ready to break our hearts, and we're not at all prepared. NBC will bid farewell to the little-show-that-could in barely two weeks, pitting Nick's (David Giuntoli) Scooby gang against a world-ending force by the name of Zerstorer. As the apocalypse looms and our intrepid wesen/human alliance circles the wagons around the most vulnerable, "The End" might eschew the series finale penchant for a happy ending. ...Read More... //