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Grimm Sneak Peek: Rosalee Wonders Why Eve's Really Protecting Nick

Methinks the veterinarian-turned-fairytale-beast-turned-assassin doth protest too much. Because even though Eve has said she retains none of Juliettes feelings for Det. Burkhardt,this exclusive clip from tonightsGrimm(NBC, 9/8c)shows that shesvery interested in how Adalinds recent return to Hexenbiesthood is going to affectNick. The Hadrians Wall operativeshowing upat the spice shop certainly takes Rosalee aback some. But [] //

Grimm Mega Buzz: Wu Faces a Crisis

  Headaches and neck pains are just the beginning for Sgt. Wu ( Reggie Lee ) on Grimm . Over the past couple of weeks, Wu has been experiencing various physical pains that require at least a visit to the chiropractor. He's been brushing off the spasms as normal office pain, but the symptoms are only ...   Read More...   //

Grimm Sneak Peek: Rosalee Spills a Secret to Nick and Monroe

Warning: Every character in the following exclusive clip from this weeks Grimm (9/8c on NBC) winds up with his or her head spinning by the end of their conversation. We cant guarantee the same wont happen to you by the time youre done eavesdropping. Nick spills some eye-popping intel to Rosalie and Monroe involving secret [] //

Grimm Sneak Peek: Eve Is Taking Drastic Measures to Get Close to Renard

  Eve ( Bitsie Tulloch ) is willing to do anything to put an end to the Black Claw, including swapping places with Renard ( Sasha Roiz ) to get more information on what the morally ambiguous police captain has been up to. She'll need Nick ( David Giuntoli ) and Scooby gang's in this week's episode of Grimm ...   Read More... //

NBC Renews Grimm for Season 6

Nick and the Grimm crew aren't going anywhere.   Read More... //

Grimm's Sasha Roiz, Claire Coffee Preview Renard's End Game, a 'Totally Creepy' New Take on Little Diana

Careful there, Renard. Fatherhood even sham, for-the-cameras, get-me-elected fatherhood may be more trouble than its worth. In Fridays Grimm, Sasha Roizs Capt. Renard met with his former hook-up Adalind to offer her some information about their missing daughter. While the meeting seemed like a friendly gesture at first, Adalind soon realized that there was [] //

Grimm Sneak Peek: Sean Dangles Diana in Front of an Angry Adalind

Forget the mystery of the keys: The real stumper is howGrimm managed to stuff the revelation of so many secrets into this exclusive clip from Fridays episode (NBC, 9/8c). Youll remember that, at the end ofthe previous episode, Renard phonedAdalind with a tantalizing proposal: He has info on their missing daughter, Diana, that hes willing [] //

Grimm Sneak Peek: Nick's Delayed Homecoming Makes Adalind Anxious

While theGrimmsaway, the Hexenbiest will have a chilling resurgence of the monster shes fought so hard to quell? Thats the set-up to this exclusive sneak peek at FridaysGrimm (NBC, 9/8c), which finds Adalind sweating Nicks homecomingfrom Germany. After all, even thoughwe know the return of her Wesen powers was unintentional, theres no assurance that Det. [] //

'Grimm' Bosses on Nick's Miraculous Move, Renard's "Journey" and Trubel's Return

David Greenwalt and Jim Kouf discuss the surprising reversals of fortune and the trouble that lies ahead for Nick & Co.   Read More... //

Grimm Episode 100: Claire Coffee and Bree Turner on Adalind and Rosalee's 'Shared Secret,' What It Means for Nick

This post contains spoilers for Fridays episode of Grimm. The moment Adalind Schade has feared for months arrived in snarling, bone-cracking fashion during Fridays Grimm. The hour, which marked the 100th episode for the NBC drama, saw the unexpected (and unwelcome) return of Adalinds Hexenbiest powers, brought on by a subconscious desire to protect [] //