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Grimm Wesen Field Guide

NBC's Grimm has no shortage of living fairy tales running around Portland, and keeping them all straight is enough to make anyone long for their own set of Aunt Marie's Grimm diaries. But since it seems unlikely that Nick will let those out of the trailer anytime soon, SideReel has put together its own infographic guide to the magical creatures that make life difficult for Nick and the rest of Portland PD. (Updated through Season 3) Check out the new version that covers up to Season 4! (Click to view larger)

Grimm Season 1: The Seven-Minute Rewind

Grimm Season 2 gets underway on Monday, August 13 at 10 p.m., as Nick copes with the return of his believed-to-be-dead mother while rushing to find a cure for comatose Juliette. But while this may make perfect sense to long-time viewers of the NBC drama, and while those who have been around since the beginning are excited for what's to come in 2012-2013, others may be wondering what all this Grimm talk is all about. Especially considering the approximately 6,079 commercials for it that NBC aired during the Summer Olympics. This is for you. Or for anyone who could use a refresher. Catch up on Grimm Season 1 via the following seven-minute rewind: //

Grimm: The Mystery of Captain Renard

Captain Renard was always a bit of an enigma during the first season of Grimm . You knew he was tough, you knew he was influential, and you knew there was more to him than met the eye, but for a member of one of the families, he kept things very much close to the vest. That may have been exacerbated by having a Grimm on his staff at the department, but the fact remains that we didn't really know Renard until the last quarter of the season. And even then, you knew he had to be hiding something. In the video below, a mash-up of Renard moments from the first season, you can tell how manipulative and cunning the royal can be, particularly in his treatment of Adalind and the violence he inflicted on several other Wesen. However, it feels like Renard has yet to really break out the big guns and go to the depths necessary for true victory, but with Nick getting stronger and receiving a helping hand in the "resurrection" of his mother, he might have to amp it up in order to keep the advantage. Renard may be a powerful man in the Wesen world without an inordinate amount of resources, but if he lets down his guard even once, he might be done for, whether it be from Nick or another creature looking to acquire the type of power that he has. Read More... //

Grimm: John Pyper-Ferguson to Guest Star in Season 2

According to TV Guide , the man hunting for Mark Pellegrino this season on Grimm has been found. John Pyper-Ferguson will be guest starring on the supernatural procedural's third episode this season, titled "Bad Moon Rising", as Hayden Walker, a man looking to avenge the loss of his sister. The reason she's no longer here? Well, according to Walker, Jarold (Pellegrino), a family member and fellow coyotl, a coyote-like creature yet to be introduced. With Jarold running to Portland for the help of old high school friend Hank, Hayden will be following him in hopes of teaching him a lesson he'll never forget. Read More... //

Grimm: All of Season One in Seven Minutes

What if all the fairy tales that you knew as a child were real...and dangerous? What if your banker, car dealer, doctor, friend, and lover all had another side to them, a side that they hid from you and a side that you might even want to know about? Would there be anyone to save you once they got out of control or would you truly be on your own against the forces of darkness? That type of situation may not be applicable to the real world, but in the universe of NBC's supernatural procedural Grimm , it's every day. Below you can watch a seven-minute recap of the entirety of Grimm 's first season and follow Detective Nick Burkhardt as he discovers (and later embraces) his heritage as a hunter of things that go bump in the night. In the video, you get a taste of why the show became a surprise success and even became the first renewal NBC made last season, with Aunt Marie's mystical, knowledge-holding trailer, reformed big bad wolf Monroe's quippy ecentricism, and some pretty killer make-up all getting the spotlight. Going into season two, Nick's wounded emotionally and physically after one last blow from recurring villain Adalind Schade, but throughout the first season, he's proven that he has the guile to make it through even the toughest of situations. He is a Grimm, after all. Read More... //

A Vampire Diaries Original Is Joining Grimm

Do magical spells from beyond the grave work long distance? Let’s hope so, because Vampire Diaries’ Alice Evans (Esther) is headed to Grimm, Entertainment Weekly reports. //

Grimm Season 2 Spoilers: Creature of the Night

Nick Burkhardt is a broken man. He's physically near his breaking point after countless scrapes with the Wesen, the mother that he long thought dead turned up on his door step, and his girlfriend may be on the edge herself, having had some type of spell cast on her by Adalind that left her catatonic. Having his one real connection to the human world, the Nick Burkhardt that he once knew rather than the Nick Burkhardt that stands before us today, almost be taken away from him finish the job of taking him out of the Grimm game, but here's the thing: Nick loves it. And is great at it. With Juliette's honor to be avenged and a powerful hunter to learn from in his mother, no Wesen will be safe from a rejuvenated Grimm on a mission. Read More... //

The Finder Girl Gets Grimm

One of the biggest finds during The Finder 's brief run on Fox was child actress Maddie Hasson , who played delinquent gypsy girl, Willa. Hasson has now landed her first role since wrapping The Finder — she'll appear in an upcoming episode of NBC's Grimm as a character very similar to wayward Willa. //

'Grimm' Star Bree Turner Expecting Baby Number Two

"Grimm" star Bree Turner confirmed her pregnancy at Comic-Con on Saturday. The expectant actress wore a tight-fitting dress and cradled her baby bump while posing for photographs at the San Diego f... //

Grimm Season 2 Premiere Clip

Hard to believe that NBC's Grimm will be kicking its second season off in roughly a month, but it is!  To get a jump on the Comic Con buzz NBC released the first clip from the premiere episode which features a pretty compelling reunion.  Speaking of Comic Con,  the Grimm panel has just begun and we'll be bringing you all of the details as soon as they become available.  In the meantime, here is what the program says we can expect from NBC's Grimm panel:  //