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Guilt Cancelled at Freeform

The verdict is in: Freeform has cancelled the freshman drama Guilt. The mystery series followed American student Grace (played by The Syndicates Daisy Head), who is suspected of killing her London flatmate Molly Ryan. The cast included Titanics Billy Zane, Vinyls Emily Tremaine and Buffy the Vampire Slayers Anthony Head, the real life father of [] //

'Guilt' Interview: Billy Zane and Daisy Head Talk Huge Season Finale Twists

Who killed Molly Ryan? That's the question we've been sitting on the edge of our seats waiting to see answered all season on Guilt , and the season finale will finally give us an answer. BuddyTV recently chatted with Daisy Head (who plays the main suspect, Grace Atwood) and Billy Zane (who plays Grace's ethically-challenged and unpredictable defense attorney, Stan Gutterie) about the big twists this season. We also got some insight into what's in store in the upcoming epic finale, and why the killer's reveal isn't even the most shocking part of the episode. Get the inside scoop below....Read More... //

[WATCH] 'Guilt' Exclusive Sneak Peek: Will Stan Name the Prince of Wales as Molly's Murderer?

Episode 8 of Freeform's Guilt , Natalie desperately tries to get anyone she can to help corroborate the story that Neville told her about what he saw the night of Molly's murder. Given that he's locked up in a psych ward, this proves a little more difficult than she had hoped, but she's got to trust her gut. Watch what happens when she brings the news to Stan in BuddyTV's exclusive clip from the upcoming episode, "Eyes Wide Open." . ...   Read More... //

'Guilt' clip: Det. Bruno discovers more than Molly Ryan's underwear

Last week on Guilt , we learned that when Prince Theo makes you spaghetti, its going to cost much more than the Italian joint down the street from your home. This week, it looks like well be learning much more about the price of those noodles. When Prince Theo made a surprise visit at Det...   Read More... //

Guilt Exclusive: Will Luc's First Lie Uncover an Even Bigger One?

There may be trouble on the way for Luc ( Zachary Fall ) and Grace ( Daisy Head ) -- especially when she has to confront the possibility that he's not the person she thought he was. As the search for Molly Ryan's (Rebekah Wainwright ) killer continues on Monday's Guilt , Luc prepares for his first big solo ...   Read More...   //

'Guilt': Anthony Head's James is still super shady in exclusive clip

Seeing as Fathers Day was just yesterday, its only appropriate that Monday nights episode of Guilt include some father-stepdaughter moments, albeit some seriously shady ones. This is a show about a murdered girl, after all. In the exclusive clip above, we see Grace and Natalie Atwood...   Read More... //

Guilt: What's Your Verdict on Freeform's Sordid Mystery Drama?

If you ever found yourself watching Gossip Girl and thinking, This show needs more murder, or I wish Chucks burlesque club was a deviant sex club, then Freeforms new mystery series Guilt is for you. The premiere this week launches with the grisly killing of Molly, a free-spirited Irish student in London. There are secrets [] //

Guilt Co-Creator Explains Why Natalie Shouldnt Be So Quick to Trust Her Sister

By the end of thefirstepisode of Freeforms new drama Guilt, it seems like any of the shows characters could havekilled Molly Ryan:Theres Mollys mysterious and hot-headed brother, the enigmatic roommate/pimp, the professor with questionable ethics, the sleazy artist boyfriend, theevil stepfather, and then of course theres Grace, Mollys roommate and Scotland Yards prime suspect. Graces sister Natalie, a Boston lawyer, comes out of Mondayspremiere as just about the only one who believesher sister is innocent of the murder, but co-creator Nichole Millard says that can and will change as the season progresses....   Read More... //

Why Freeform's Guilt Is the Perfect Summer Show: Mystery, Billy Zane and a Resolution (Thank Goodness)

Get ready for one helluva murder mystery. Freeform's new series Guilt debuts tonight, and introduces viewers to a riveting murder case about an American student in London who finds...  Read More... //

Guilt Co-Creator Reveals Why Freeforms New Crime Drama Is Not About the Amanda Knox Case

Freeforms new summer drama Guilt follows a young American girl who finds herself in hot water with European law enforcement when her roommate turns up dead. The case becomes an international sensation in the media and every one of her past actions comes under scrutiny. Sound familiar? When the network announced the series last year, many were quick to compare it to the Amanda Knox case that dominated cable news for years. News outlets ran headlines calling it the Amanda Knox series.But co-creator Nichole Millard says theres far more to Guiltthan that.  Read More... //