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Gundam-Themed Wedding Outdoes Every Nerd Wedding Ever - Featured

To all of you who ever secretly nurtured thoughts of having a nerdy theme wedding, be it Harry Potter-themed, Ren Faire-styled, or the perennially popular Star Wars-themed wedding, take a look at the ultimate geek wedding and weep. Over 500 Japanese couples competed for the right to have a Gundam -themed wedding at the feet of a life-sized Gundam statue, which was erected in Tokyo's Odaiba area as part of the 30th anniversary of the Gundam series. The lucky couple was wed on August 25 with hundreds of giant robot fans and well-wishers on hand, as well as Yoshiyuki Tomino, the director of the classic anime. The groom dressed in a Federation uniform for the occasion, while the bride was a bit more traditionally garbed with their newborn baby Seira (like Leia for the Gundam set) in tow. Shibuya246 has more photos of the event available, but we'd like to ask - how nerdy would you be willing to get for your own wedding? Would you be willing to make your bride a green Orion slave girl, or have Dumbledore read your vows? Or would you rather play it straight and traditional?