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By: Tim Holland REVOLUTION is the most anticipated new series of the fall due to the creative force behind it that includes uber-producer J.J. Abrams, Iron Man director Jon Favreau and Supernatural creator Eric Kripke. The series imagines a modern-day world in which all modern-day technologies cease to work due to a global blackout. With no electricity, the world is thrust into a Dark Ages-like civilization with roaming militia under the command of a dictatorial general. The exciting pilot, which is a strange blend of The Hunger Games , Lost and Kill Bill , is engaging, intense and action packed. My advice: Join the Revolution when it premieres September 17 at 10pm. GO ON stars Matthew Perry as a sports radio host who reluctantly joins a therapy group after the tragic death of his wife. Now, that might not sound like a winning formula for a sitcom but in the capable hands of the charismatic Perry and an outstanding ensemble cast as his counseling cohorts, it is not only winning but uplifting. They bring great humor and sensitivity to their quirky roles and make Go On one of the funniest new sitcoms of the season. Go on and watch it when it premieres on September 11 at 9pm. ANIMAL PRACTICE focuses on a self-centered veterinarian, played by Justin Kirk, who is much more adept in dealing with pets than with people. Sounds great, right? Sadly, this Practice is far from perfect due to a tepid script and lifeless performances. When the funniest thing about a show is a scrubs-wearing chimpanzee, you know you’re in trouble. My advice: Don’t enter this Practice when it premieres on September 26 at 8pm. It’s not a laughing matter. CHICAGO FIRE revolves around the firefighters, rescue squad and paramedics of a Windy City firehouse. Their often dangerous jobs lead to tension and stress at home and at work. Unfortunately, Chicago Fire brings nothing new to the tried-and-true premise, like Rescue Me did. The show isn’t bad. It’s just not good enough. Everything here, we’ve seen before and better. But it hails from executive producer Dick Wolf of Law & Order fame, so maybe Chicago Fire will heat up in due time. It premieres October 10 at 10pm. THE NEW NORMAL , which centers on a gay couple living in Beverly Hills who hire a surrogate so they can have a baby, is Ryan Murphy’s latest project and, sadly, it isn’t up to his usual high standards. Overly preachy and at times insulting, The New Normal falls flat mainly because it just doesn’t generate enough laughs from its promising premise. Let’s hope this isn’t the new normal for hit-maker Murphy. Premieres on September 11 at 9:30pm. GUYS WITH KIDS is a routine sitcom about three young dads who live in the same New York City apartment building and who are trying to adjust to their new roles as fathers. The pilot, executive produced by Jimmy Fallon, is pleasant enough but the material never rises above the ordinary. Anthony Anderson, Zach Cregger and Jesse Bradford do what they can with the subpar material but it’s not enough to recommend that you tune in to the premiere on September 26 at 8:30pm.

Guys with Kids: "Pilot" Review

Even though I often enjoy Jimmy Fallon's fun-spirited buffoonery on Late Night, I'm afraid he's given us a bit of a dog here. And not just a dog. A cool, hip TV dog that wears sunglasses; corporately designed to attract non-discerning eyes. NBC's Guys with Kids , created by Fallon and Charlie Grandy (The Office), desperately hinges on the premise that guys being doting parents to their infant children is hysterical. Man, oh man. And if these men actually have to hold these little kids? In their arms? Like, up by their chest, to comically display the size difference between a grown man and a small baby? S***'s gonna get extra hilare! Read More... //  

Guys With Kids Series Premiere Review: Damn Kids Ruined These Guys' Lives!

After Jimmy Fallon proved himself worthy of staying in a late-night chair for more than a few hours, NBC decided it owed him one and greenlighted his production company's first sitcom, Guys With Kids . But if tonight's pilot is any indication, it's going to take a lot of Tim Tebowie musical numbers to make up for this effortless multi-camera...   //

'Guys With Kids' premiere: Will you make another playdate with NBC's sitcom?

NBC debuted its third new comedy of the season, "Guys With Kids," on Wednesday night (Sept. 12). Now that you've seen it, what do you think?As we noted in our review, the cast is full of likable actors, and in particular Anthony Anderson and Tempestt Bledsoe seem like a real couple -- they may be worn out by their four kids, but they still have genuine affection for each other and seem to be on the same page about most things. On the flip side, Erinn Hayes' shrewish ex-wife character needs some shading, but quick."Guys With Kids" is still very much a work in progress, but it feels like there's a sweet family show in there somewhere. Wednesday's episode was officially a "sneak preview," and it will premiere in its regular 8:30 p.m. Wednesday spot on Sept. 26. Will you be back for episode 2? Vote in our poll and let us know what you... //

'Guys With Kids' review: NBC's broad comedy needs to get more focused

Earlier this summer, NBC chief Bob Greenblatt said part of his mission in reviving the network would be to "broaden" its comedy brand beyond the small but loyal audience that watches shows like "Community" and "Parks and Recreation."That is, of course, his job: NBC and its cohorts are called broadcast networks for a reason. The problem is that "broad" can also be code for "dumb" -- the thinking being that by going for the easiest jokes and most obvious character beats, a comedy can bring in the widest audience. There's ample evidence of that formula working throughout television history, but broad and smart can work too: See "Modern Family," or "The Big Bang Theory," or "New Girl." NBC may even have a show like that this season in "Go On," which opened to pretty solid ratings.NBC also, however, has "Guys With Kids," which is airing its pilot episode at 10 p.m. ET Wednesday (Sept. 12)... //

Television Review: ‘The New Normal’ and ‘Guys With Kids’ Begin on NBC

"The New Normal" and "Guys With Kids," two new NBC comedies, focus on the foolishness of a wide variety of fathers. //