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'Gypsy Sisters' Cancelled by TLC After Four Seasons

Gypsy Sisters has been cancelled after four seasons.   Read More... //

'Gypsy Sisters' premiere: Mellie better not name her baby Kayla - Zap2it First

You better sit down because the "Gypsy Sisters" are back and the drama is insane. In Zap2it's sneak peek of Sunday's (May 31) premiere of the reality show, Nettie and JoAnn are about ready to tear pregnant Mellie to shreds if she doesn't name her daughter after one of the sisters. They are beyond livid that Mellie would even consider naming their niece after their Kayla. Meanwhile, Mellie can't believe that they think she would name her own daughter after one of them based on how they've been treating her. They might be her sisters, but Kayla is the one throwing her a baby shower.RELATED: 'Gypsy Sisters' Kayla finally gives up on Richard "Really, you've been my backbone?," says Mellie. "Y'all have not done one thing since I've been pregnant. No doctors appointment or even helping me with Richie. Kayla has." Watch the... //

TLC Sizzles on Sunday Nights With New Seasons of 'Return to Amish' & 'Gypsy Sisters'

Back-to-back season premieres air Sunday, May 31st beginning at 9/8c   Read More... //

'Gypsy Sisters' Third Season Begins Thursday, August 21at 9/8c

The GYPSY SISTERS are back and still over-the-top   Read More... //

'Gypsy Sisters' Renewed for Third Season by TLC

set to return the end of the summer.  Read More... //

TLC's 'Gypsy Sisters': Watch Kayla and Nettie reach a boiling point

The family drama on TLC's "Gypsy Sisters" is about to reach a boiling point when the series returns on Thursday (Dec. 5).In West Virginia's Gypsy community, the Stanley family will put everything on the line to protect their reputations and relationships. But when a web of lies and Mellie's meddling causes Kayla and Nettie to reach a boiling point, it erupts into one of the most outrageous and violent brawls in reality television history.Watch a sneak peek clip below:"Gypsy Sisters" returns with a special two-hour premiere on Thursday (Dec. 5) at 9 p.m. ET on TLC.... //

'Gypsy Sisters': Mellie's Leopard Print Wedding Dress

Wedding bells were ringing on " Gypsy Sisters ," which is probably a good thing. If it wasn't made abundantly clear that this was Mellie's wedding -- at least not by the dress she was wearing. True to form, the former stripper, party girl and loudmouth -- she's still that last one -- had a dress as loud as she was. Read More... //