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H2O season 3

ok so my T.V. schedule on here says the premiere of season 3 is today but idk if its right please tell me if youve heard anything asap. id really appreciate it. i am really excited but i dont want to get my hopes up and have them shot right down. so please please PLEASE tell me what you know. I also cant find it on the T.V. schedule i looked it up even and all the episodes are olders ones theres not a single one thats new.


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Season 3

Hey people! I was on wikipedia looking for news on season 3 an I found this. The third series is scheduled for broadcast in 2009.[1] This series centres around Cleo and Rikki coming to terms with the loss of Emma, who has left town with her family. New characters are introduced, including Bella (Indiana Evans), a singer and mermaid since the age of eight; and Will (Luke Mitchell), a skilled diver who is trying to figure out the secrets of Mako Island, and who accidentally unleashes a powerful force which turns water against the mermaids. The girls must also deal with Zane, who attempts to exploit Mako's secrets after Rikki breaks up with him.


It is funny that the actress that plays Kim name is Cleo!


RIKKI IS ON THIS MUSIC VIDEO IN DA USA SHES A DANCER PAUSE IT AT 128 ALSO ON MY WEBSITE www.freewebs.com/sidereelh20justaddwater under more fun stuff OMG!


omg, evryone! I saw a commercial for Lunesta on TV and Dr. Denman was in it!!!!! She had a total English (America not Europe.) accent! Here is the link:

confuse here. when is season 3 really gonna start?

after the season finale of h2o season 2, i have read that season 3 will start on january 2009 but i've just seen a video on youtube that was taken from a magazine that season 3 will start end of 2009. that's really confusing. does anyone know when season 3 is really gonna start?

Season 3 (real info from ZDF posted in a magazine)

Okay guys here is another article from season 3 of H2O. There is one other page like this its an old one you might have seen it already but that one was published b4 they started filming season 3. (if you havent seen the video go to my profile and search through my comments, its one about season 3 its actually put in video from by someone on youtube. they recently changed up the video alittle so the part about indiana evans was NOT apart of that article.) now lyke i said here is another magazine article info provided by ZDF Enterprises. The first link is the normal quality if the writing isn't clear enough for you click on the second link which takes you directly to high quality. enjoy! =) normal quality high quality

"H2O: Just Add Water" Pettition to Keep ZAne and Rikki Together

***I CHANGED THIS TO NEWS SO YOU PPL CAN VOTE :-D*** I am going to print this entry and send it to somewhere they will consider this like Nickelodeon or Pacific Film And Television Commission because I really want Rikki and ZAne to stay together! I know there are a lot oof people who think this, too and I would really appreciate a lot of poeple to "sign"!!! To help me spread this pettition, I encourage anyone to copy and paste this as I comment on any other site where people will "sign" but make sure to say that this is originally from me on www.sidereel.com and that if they signed already, ANYWHERE, they cannot sign again, just to keep this fair! THANKS TO ALL OF YOU! (PS I sign!) GO ZIKKI! ( If Zikki is posted, it means Zane and Rikki as a couple!)

Indiana Evans (read at own risk!)

guys i have really sad news if you dont want 2 hear something that could make you wanna punch your computer screen i suggest you stop reading now............................................ okay well i guess you decided your up for it please dont be mad at me i didnt do it but i know im rlly mad about it but guys im sorry to say that Claire Holt (emma) will NOT be returning at ALL in season 3 she inst in any episodes she might be in the one where it says she moves away but i dont think she is even in that one. The truth is and sorry anyone i told she was not replacing emma but emma and her family moves out of town (i dont get this cuz how is emma gonna survive being a mermaid on her own?) and the other 2 have 2 face their last year of high school w/out emma but they befriend a new girl/mermaid named Bella. IF their is a season 4 which most likely there wont be i mean we were lucky for a season 3! but if there is one MABYE claire will be in it the onl reason she isnt in this season is due to her filming of "The Messengers 2" but here is the article that i have read on a whole bunch of sites and its even on wikipedia and wikipedia has always had the right info for as long as i know but here is the article sorry please dont be mad at me but im rlly sad it wont be the same w/out emma im not saying indiana wont be a good addition ive never seen or heard her before but im just really mad that there wont be any emma sorry guys... =( here is the heartbreaking article about the whole no more emma and a few other surprises but if you ask me this info makes the season sound rlly good ofcourse except for the no more emma..... Cleo and Rikki face their last year of high school without Emma, who’s left town with her family, but are confident they know everything about their mermaid powers and Mako’s secrets. But when Will - a freakishly skilled free-diver - uncovers a new cavern on Mako, he unwittingly unleashes a force that turns water against them. Luckily for them, they befriend a new mermaid, Bella, who brings an all new energy to the group. It seems they may need her help as Zane, heartbroken at being dumped by Rikki, is out to exploit Majo’s secrets and may destroy everything if the girls can’t stop him.