Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East
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Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East


Date Aired: Jul 13, 2013

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Shino confronts Nachi about the magical barrier around Daikaku's house. Meanwhile, the young boy runs off and Shino chases after him. Daikaku stands in the room, slowly remembering the day of his "murder." Shino confronts the boy, which he realizes is Daikaku's cat. The boy falls off a Sakura tree, because his constant begging for blooms had begun to take its toll on the forest. Shino reverts the forest to its original state by breaking the barrier, and the boy begins fearing the return of the "murderer" that had tried to kill Daikaku. Daikaku realizes that his father had actually died and that the man who killed him is coming for him too. When the man killed Daikaku, his cat gave him the Bead of Etiquette, which kept him alive. He wonders back in the present day on how he is still alive. A sudden visitor visits them, muttering over and over -- "Daikaku is my son." Daikaku almost gets eaten, but the cat boy saves him. Satomi visits to find out what happened and scolds them for not bringing the dolls sooner. Shino shows Satomi the doll of their "killer," but Satomi suddenly puts him to sleep and erases him memory. When Daikaku sees Satomi carrying Shino, he suddenly get the image of the doll's face and goes back to complete it. The doll is finished and they begin their travel back, Daikaku mentioning that they will also be moving to the Capital.
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