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  • 24 episodes
    24 episodes
    • s1e1210Pakistan and Afghanistan: Bordering on Chaos
    • s1e1201Life After Shopping
    • s1e1117Church and State: The Role of Spirituality in Politics
    • s1e1027State of Dysfunction: Government Gridlock and California
    • s1e1023Healthcare Reform: Is Universal Healthcare the Answer?
    • s1e1016A Third War: The Threat of War With Iran
    • s1e1007Counting Votes
    • s1e910Untying the Knot of Separate and Unequal Marriage
    • s1e821Distant Neighbors: The United States and Mexico
    • s1e721Stop the Presses: What is the Future of Newspapers?
    • s1e611The Great American Bank Robbery
    • s1e526Afghanistan: Obama
    • s1e518Correcting Crime Control: How To Cut Crime With Less Punishment
    • s1e507Restoring Checks and Balances and the Rule of Law
    • s1e421A New New Deal
    • s1e403Ani DiFranco
    • s1e402Molly Bingham
    • s1e305Reversing the Deterioration of U.S./Russia Relations
    • s1e302Free Speech or the Rule of Money?
    • s1e217The First Thirty Days: The New President
    • s1e204Home Grown Hatred: Anger and Alienation in America
    • s1e202Downsizing the American Dream
    • s1e127Reinventing Los Angeles: Easing Sprawl, Growth, and Gridlock
    • s1e112Patriots for Profit: The Rise of the Corporate Warrior