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Hanamaru Kindergarten - Season 1 - Episode 8 - Review: "A Hanamaru Fishmonger"

Hanamaru Kindergarten hits up another pair of stories in this episode that play to different strengths while ensuring it doesn't overdo a gag. There is a gag that's a bit overdone come the second part of the episode, but it's how they approach it that allows it to work a bit better, especially in the confrontation it causes among some of the kids. Hopefully with all these kids looking at Tsuchida as perfect marriage material, it'll give Yamamoto a clue to look at him in a bit more of an adult manner. The first half of the episode is good fun with the kids as we see them returning from their summer vacations and drawing up various pictures of what they did. There's fun to be had, even with Anzu looking a bit like a kogal with her tan, but all attention turns to Aoi when they see her picture is of her parents working. As it turns out, she didn't go anywhere during the summer since her parents had to work in their shop and she wanted to help but they wouldn't let her. Enter Anzu and the kids with their surprisingly crafty plan to get Aoi's father to let her help out by showing him that they can do it themselves. Like the other very children-centric episodes, this is entirely cute and fun as you get to watch the kids acting as fishmongers and doing the hard and sweet sell on customers for the various kinds of fish. Read More Click Me!