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Hanamaru Kindergarten - Season 1 - Episode 9 - Review: "A Hanamaru Dream"

What a tricky show this almost was as it introduces us to a young man named Hanamaru who is a manga artist for SE magazine. He's having a hard time coming up with a new idea in time for publication but he's getting lots of encouragement from Mayumi Yamamoto, a young assistant at SE who is assigned to him for getting manuscripts and the like. With an appearance similar to Tsuchida and the names being tossed about, it's quick to imagine that the show we've been watching is a manga within a show kind of gag which would be cute and amusing, especially when we see him in the park and he comes across the main trio of girls. Are they the real world girls or does he exist within the world of Hanamaru Kindergarten itself? It's a cute idea that initially has you a bit uncertain of where the show will go, but when you have Tsuchida and Yamamoto coming back from shopping - and Yamamoto inviting Tsuchida out for dinner as a thank you for helping her - it's back to the reality of the show. The nice twist is that Mayumi is actually Yamamoto's younger sister and they end up helping Hanamaru out with his project as he becomes fascinated with the Panda Cat as the trio of girls do the cute dance for him, complete with Hiiragi in the outfit doing all the moves. Tying this together with the main show itself is a neat little idea and I hope we see a little more of Hanamaru and his manga project in the remaining episodes. Read More Click Me!