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I love it. It is a clean family show that help show we can all get through tough times. It is about what could be a real normal family, not like some of those unrealistic familys on tv theses days. I truely hope it stays on for years to come.

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After I watched part of the initial program, it's too bad Kelsey couldn't bring his Frasier writers to help him with his Hank scripts. This show is scripted to appeal to 15 year olds.

'Hank' review: Kelsey Grammer's 'Hank' is heavy on the laugh track, light on laughs

Kelsey Grammer's last sitcom, "Back to You," made it through a meager 17 episodes. With " Hank ," Grammer may be looking back at those 17 episodes as the salad days. ABC's "Hank" is an old-school setup-punchline sitcom, complete with laugh track. The laugh track is cranked up to 11 -- we saw a rough cut, so here's hoping it gets smoothed out in the final product. It had better, because the show eschews minor elements like plotting and multi-layered characterization in favor of every line being some sort of sarcastic retort. Not a single wisecrack got a laugh other than from the studio audience. Grammer stars as Hank Pryor, owner of a chain of sporting-goods stores who has recently been deposed and must move from Manhattan to rural Virginia. Hank has a patient wife who waffles from despairing over their circumstances to accepting the new life at the whims of the "script"; a snarky teenage daughter in the broadest sitcom sense; and a nerdy, hyperactive son. Hank himself is a supposed titan of industry who can't relate to his family other than as employees. That's a source of "humor" now that he has to spend all of his free time in exile with them. We most feel sorry for Jordan Hinson, good as wise-beyond-her-years Zoe Carter on Syfy 's " Eureka " and absolutely wasted here as Maddie. At least she has a summer job to fall back on. Grammer may be begging her to put in a good word soon. Source & Video

Fall TV Preview 2009: Hank

Hank (ABC) Premiere: Wednesday, Sept. 30, 8-8:30 p.m. Time-Slot Competition: So You Think You Can Dance , America's Next Top Model , The New Adventures of Old Christine , Mercy Cast: Kelsey Grammer, David Koechner, Melinda McGraw Status: We've seen the first episode. Should you watch Hank? Read on... Just what this economic crisis needs: a recession sitcom! Ousted CEO Hank (Kelsey Grammer) downsizes his family's lifestyle from Manhattan luxury to small-town scrimping. Hilarious! You can tell from all the exclamation points! Or not? We wonder how, during this national fiscal crisis, American audiences are going to respond to Hank's gung ho enthusiasm--"It's going to take more than a hostile takeover and losing our savings to get me down!" So if you're anxious or depressed about losing your job and paying your bills...snap out of it? Hank did! And so will his wife, Tilly (Melinda McGraw): "I'm used to having help," she complains about having to do her own household chores. "I've always had Consuela!" (Seriously, who isn't feeling the pain of losing their maids and housekeepers in these uncertain times?) "Well guess what?" Hank retorts. "You're Consuela now, buddy!" Talk about pulling yourself up by your bootstraps. Also forced to adjust to their new circumstances are Hank's quirky kids--dubbed "moody Maddie" and "hyper Henry" by their sitcomically exasperated parents. Hank's brother-in-law, Grady (David Koechner), elicits a few chuckles--but nothing to match the laugh-track lolz. For what it's worth, producers told us at the press tour they planned to reshoot the pilot, "touching on downsizing and back to basics." But if writer Tucker Cawley only felt the impact of the economic crisis with notoriously empty-shelved retailer "Circuit City going out of business," how much hope does this series have of relating to modern realities? Verdict: Pass Source: E!Online - Fall TV Preview 2009: Hank

SideReel's Fall TV Preview - ABC - Featured

We here at SideReel can taste the new Fall season it's so close! As the premieres of all the new fall shows approach, we'll be giving you a peek at this fall's newbies and our opinions on each network's new shows all week, so check out the FOX Fall Preview here , the NBC preview here , and today...the ABC preview! We have to say, out of all of the networks' new Fall Slates, we here at SideReel think that ABC's is among the most promising. Then again, they are also launching the most new series out of any of the networks. Check out their offerings: The Best: FlashForward - Premieres September 24th ABC keeps assuring us that they aren't trying to make FlashForward the next Lost ...but FlashForward is totally the next Lost (and we mean this in only the most complimentary way). This show has all of the elements of the net's next pop-scifi hit: great cast, unique premise and a slowly unraveling mystery that will keep us watching from week to week. Starring Joseph Fiennes (the one from Shakespeare in Love), Sonya Walger, John Cho and Dominic Monaghan (speaking of Lost...) to name a few, the premise of FlashForward is that for 2 minutes (and 17 seconds), the world blacks out and sees glimpses of the world 6 months into the future. This blackout rightfully causes some chaos, and leaves the world wondering not only what exactly everyone else saw, but if the visions will become reality. Philosophical questions about determinism and free will sure to follow... Cougar Town - Premieres September 23rd One might be weary that the whole cougar schtick may have already worn thin, and that a whole series based on cougar jokes just won't be that funny. But...fear not, as Cougar Town comes from Bill Lawrence ( Scrubs !) and appears to have all the wit and charm that characterized the early days of Scrubs . We watched the preview . We laughed. We're officially excited. Modern Family - Premieres September 23rd ABC has loads of confidence in Modern Family . They have so much, in fact, that that they opted to screen the pilot in full at their Fall Upfront Presentation, which nobody ever does, so I guess we should have some confidence too. Shot mockumentary style (we know, what comedy isn't these The Office , Parks & Recreation), Modern Family is being hailed as TV's next great comedy - focusing on 3 separate - you guessed it...modern families! While we haven't screened the pilot, the casting looks solid (some fun familiar faces including Julie Bowen and Ed O'Neill), and the writing appears sharp (from the previews we've seen). V (Reimagined Series) - Premieres November 3rd File another one under the 'awesome' column for ABC's new Fall slate. In fact, V (based on the 1983 NBC miniseries) was originally scheduled to debut in the Spring, but apparently it was too awesome to hold until then (or ABC had a hole in their schedule), as instead, it's debuting in November. But seriously, watch the trailer and tell us that this show doesn't look like it's awesome. We also know we're not the only one that has loved Morena Baccarin since Firefly ...and how perfect does she seem cast as an alien? The cast also includes Lost 's Elizabeth Mitchell, Scott Wolf and Laura Vandervoort ( Smallville ) to name a few. The Worst: The Forgotten (TV) - Premieres September 22nd We're not sure we'll ever be able to associate "The Forgotten" with anything other than that godawful Julianne Moore film . While this series does come from Jerry Bruckheimer (who is behind practically every crime-related procedural hit on TV - from all of the CSIs to the now defunct Without a Trace ) and recently recast its lead in the form of Christian Slater (whom TV networks apparently are convinced is a draw/TV star-in-the-making, even after the crashing and burning of My Own Worst Enemy last Fall), the plot just comes off as too generic to need to tune in on a regular basis. The Forgotten (TV) follows a team of amateurs who work on solving murder cases involving unidentified victims after the police have given up (so's like every other Bruckheimer procedural, but *TWIST* they aren't police). In reality, we are sure that there will be worse new shows that debut on TV this Fall. But, as far as we can tell, this show's title choice seems a bit like a self-fulfilling prophecy; The Forgotten (TV) might not be TV's worst, but it looks pretty forgettable. Eastwick - Premieres September 23rd Witchcraft. Wizardry. Magic. We get it. It's all the rage. Eastwick focuses on 3 witches (Rebecca Romijn, Lindsay Price, Jaime Ray Newman) who are brought together by "a mysterious man" who helps them to understand and master their powers. Sorry, but wasn't this show called Charmed when it aired on The WB for...oh...8 seasons? Yes, Eastwick is its own premise - and loosely based on the novel "The Witches of Eastwick" by John Updike, but a show about 3 witches harnessing their powers seems like it has been done already. And judging by watching the previews and reading the early reviews, it was done better the first time around... The Wild Card(s): Hank - Premieres September 23rd In its favor, Hank has Kelsey Grammer ( Frasier ) as its lead, and a very timely premise: recession humor. Hank focuses on Hank, who has recently lost his job and thus relocates his family from his posh NYC home to small town South Bend. Humor ensues? It's possible, but frankly, unless executed exceptionally well I'm thinking it's far more likely that the recession humor will soon wear thin and if anything, seem depressing. What's more, Hank is part of ABC's Wednesday night lineup consisting of 4 new comedies . The network has had historical difficulty with successfully launching 30 minute comedies. Since we're already thinking that Cougar Town and Modern Family are the net's Fall comedy winners, statistics say that Hank and The Middle (see below) will be the losers. The Middle - Premieres September 23rd The Middle stars Patricia Heaton (who interestingly, starred with Kelsey Grammer in the canceled-after-a-season Back to You ) as the matriarch of a middle class family living in middle America. It also stars the hilarious Neil Flynn (Janitor from Scrubs ; yes - he is leaving Scrubs for this ) as the family's father. While this could turn out to be a funny family comedy, much like Hank , I just worry that the show's overall premise - "Middle America. Haha." - might quickly wear thin. I mentioned above, its pretty much an impossibility that all of ABC's new family comedies will succeed...and my money's on Modern Family . Saved for Spring: Happy Town , The Deep End Which new ABC shows will you be checking out? Check out the Fall 2009 TV Calendar here