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Could You Imagine David Tennant As Hannibal's Titular Villain? Bryan Fuller Sure Did.

It was talked about for awhile.   ...

Hannibal Season 4 Might Be Closer Than We Think

Hannibal Season 4 is finally in the works. Maybe. Following his pitch meeting with co-stars Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelson , Hannibal creator Bryan Fuller is now brainstorming ideas for a fourth season with executive producer Martha De Laurentiis. Fuller had previously teased that he was planning to   ...Read More... //

Hannibal Revival Teased By Martha De Laurentiis And Bryan Fuller On Twitter

Loyal fans of Hannibal will be happy to hear that the revival of the NBC canceled series is coming closer to reality. Executive producers of the show Martha De Laurentiis and Bryan Fuller took to Twitter and posted a photo of the two of them posing with a Hannibal doll captioned Meeting of the minds, leading us to believe the duo met to talk shop about the cult psychological thriller. Meeting of the minds @BryanFuller #Fannibals Martha De   ...Read More... //

Bryan Fuller Confirms Hannibal Continuation Conversations Have Begun

After Hannibal was cancelled in the summer of 2015, it was all but certain that the show would eventually be revived and continued elsewhere. The small uncertainty has stressed fans out, of course, ever since, and the two years that passed left Fannibals wanting more and more. READ MORE...

Hannibal Season 4 May Be Back on the Table

  Of all the heartbreaking TV cancellations of 2015, Hannibal was perhaps the most devastating for its hardcore group of dedicated fans. Now though, it sounds like showrunner Bryan Fuller may have put a Season 4 back on the table. After NBC broke the news that Hannibal would end after its third season, ...Read More... //

Mads Mikkelsen Auditioned forFantastic FourBut Walked Out in the Middle of It

Now that hes been in Doctor Strange and Rogue One , its not like Mads Mikkelsen doesnt have experience or interest in starring in some big ticket, CG-laden science fiction. But apparently even just auditioning for a role in the recent Fantastic Four reboot was too much for the actor.   ...Read More... //

Hugh Dancy Says a Hannibal Return Might Happen in 'Four or Five Years'

Are you holding your breath waiting for Hannibal to come back? Well, dont or you might end up as dead as one of Dr. Lecters victims. TVLine caught up with Hugh Dancy at the Television Critics Associationwinter press tour, and we couldnt resist asking him about the possibility of another season of the exquisite serial-killer [] //

Hannibal's Hugh Dancy Is Hungry for Season 4, but Don't Hold Your Breath

  Though Hannibal , the TV show about fiction's most iconic cannibal, ended its run in August of 2015, showrunner Bryan Fuller has kept fans' hopes alive for a reboot of the series. Back in October, 2016, Fuller commented that he could officially start planning Season 4 of his critically acclaimed ...Read More... //

Hannibal Update: Bryan Fuller Wants to Do a Silence of the Lambs Miniseries

Its been more than a year since NBCs delectable Hannibal went off the air, and fans are still hungry for more. Luckily, showrunner Bryan Fuller still has plans to revive the series using the most famous story in the Hannibal Lecter canon. Fuller told Blumhouses Shock Wave podcast this week hed like to revive Hannibal [] //

Bryan Fuller to Revive 'Hannibal' as Irregular Miniseries

Series creator Bryan Fuller also talks about the possibility of tackling 'Silence of the Lambs' in a potential fourth season of the series.   ...Read More... //