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Hannibal Season 4 Still Alive, Says Bryan Fuller (Video)

Hannibal is still alive, according to showrunner Bryan Fuller ,despite an untimely cancellation by NBC after three low-rated but much-beloved seasons. The cast is game, Im game, its just a matter of finding the right time where everybodys schedules sync up, but I would love to continue to tell the story with [series stars] Hugh Dancy and Mads Mikkelsen , the showrunner told Collider at WednesdaysSaturn Awards.  Read More... //

Mads Mikkelsen says he wants to return for more 'Hannibal'

Whether or not theres still hope for more Hannibal , one thingsclear Mads Mikkelsen wants a comeback. We are all angry. We were p. Its madness, the actor told the U.K.s Sunday Express of the series cancelation. And season 4 was actually the one we thought wed...   Read More... //

Mads Mikkelsen Might Have Just Dropped a Huge Rogue OneSpoiler

Oh dear. Even after the recent trailer, much of Rogue One is still a mystery to us. But Mads Mikkelsen might have just pulled the curtain back on a rather important detail about his character. Seriously, big spoilers ahead.   Read More... //

'Hannibal,' 'Once Upon a Time' writer/producer Scott Nimerfro dies

Scott Nimerfro, an executive producer and writer on shows like Hannibal and Once Upon a Time , has died, Hannibal showrunner Bryan Fuller revealed on Twitter Monday. Although Fuller didnt specify the cause of death, Nimerfro previously spoke about his struggle with...   Read More... //

‘Hannibal’ Season 4 Would Have Returned to First Season in an “Unexpected” Way

Fannibals, though Hannibal has seemingly come to a close, I still can’t let the flame of hope die. And it’s some consolation that Hugh Dancy won’t, either. In an interesting subversion of his Will Graham character, Dancy is playing a cult leader in the upcoming Hulu series The Path, but he also was happy to talk about Hannibal, as well as what show creator Bryan Fuller has in mind for the potential continuation of the story: READ MORE...

Best of the Year: The 5 Best Bromances of 2015

From Jane the Virgin to Hannibal, there was plenty of bro-love happening on TV this year. //

Hannibal's Bryan Fuller Is Returning to NBC to Revive Amazing Stories

Steven Spielberg's anthology is getting a redo with the Hannibal showrunner.   Read More... //

Hannibal's Richard Armitage Cast as Lead, The Killing's Michelle Forbes to Co-Star in EPIX Spy Drama

Fresh off his toothystint on Hannibal,Richard Armitage is pulling into Berlin Station, EPIX upcoming 10-part contemporary spy drama, TVLine has learned. Additionally, Michelle Forbes (The Killing, True Blood) has joined the ensemble. Armitage will play the starring role ofDaniel Meyer, the cerebral, newly-anointed CIA case officer who goes from being an analyst at Langley to [] //

The Top 10 Hannibal Episodes

NBC's Hannibal shined brightly and brilliantly for three horrific seasons of nightmares and nourishment. Here are the show's very best episodes.   Read More... //

Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham: The Great Gay Love Story of Our Time

  No, it wasn't just your fantastic ability to read gay subtext into anything. Hannibal , which closed out its run on NBC on Saturday, made itself perfectly clear: This is a love story. It's macabre, brooding, and deeply sensual a show that brings death close to sex, and pleasure close to suffering. In no small way, it is simply about what it means to be seen by someone else , and what a fantastic, energizing feeling that can be. In Maggie Nelson's The Argonauts , she writes of the need to find someone with "compatible perversities." It's an idea at the very core of Will and Hannibal's relationship. To honor the show and its legions of Hannigram fans on Tumblr , here is a gay-cap of Hannibal , the series, set to the lyrics of "Beauty and the Beast."   Read More... //