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Thriller series featuring the classic characters from Thomas Harris’ novel Red Dragon – FBI agent Will Graham and his mentor Dr. Hannibal Lecter – who are re-introduced at the beginning of their budding relationship
Oct 2, 2015 2:05PM EDT

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I don't usually write reviews for a Show but Hannibal is one of the few exceptions where I need to...with the need that Hannibal found and nourish in Will.
Since the beginning there were hints and clues that Will, would eventually succumb to his dark side...and Hannibal knew that he would never kill an innocent man, so he orchestrated everything, move people like puppets for Will to feel comfortable with the idea, and recognize that his ability to put himself in the shoes of a killer is just the good version of being a killer yourself.
Thomas Harris wrote a true mastermind in Hannibal, a man with such an intellect that is able to decipher you in minutes, and use that to his advantage...what a formidable psychologist!.
Will, on the other hand is a character that begins damaged...far from the rest of the world, surrounded by people. Simple but noble creatures that would never harm you and will always be there to protect you and give you company.
Through the rest of the seasons we see how this two characters now each other and suddenly that final question from Will to Alana makes it all come together.
For those who read the books and/or saw the movie there was always a hint of gayness in Hannibal and i think i read somewhere that Hannibal is indeed gay. I believe that someone as Hannibal cannot be categorized as gay. Being myself gay i believe that Hannibal is so intelligent and emphatic (yes, emphatic) that he is beyond limits of gender.
Having said that, Will realize that, Hannibal ultimate and his only weakness, and use that against him...
From Ep 8 there was a clue that the story would have a mayor change. You could see it in the name of each episode. It looks like the producers had the finale written from the beginning, which begs the question, why there were rumors that they cancel it because they wanted to use the character of Clarice for the next season? I mean, we had some many changes in characters in other series if you compare them to the book and in the end it didn't matter as long as the quality is the same...don't you think? But in going sideways here..
I swear i thought that they will kiss, but when it didn't happen I knew why they didn't...because that was beyond physical...was spiritual.
I bow to the writers...they wrote such wonderful, complex yet close characters, those dialogs where so deep and intelligent, a battle between two intelligent yet noble persons who got to know each other so the end, beyond blood and corpses, beyond pain and gruesome, bloody, sadistic, NSFW even gory violence, that story was about letting you know another an show your true soul.
I don't think there was a more mind-blowing, neuron-sparking show as Hannibal...and that is so sad.
I can only say this now: i'll tell all my friends to see this marvelous piece of show...#LongLiveHannibal


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