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Happy Endings Alum Zachary Knighton Joins Santa Clarita Diet for Season 2

He used to sling Philly cheesesteaks out of a food truck but now he might be chowing down on something much different. Happy Endings star Zachary Knighton has signed on to join the cast of Netflixs zombie comedy Santa Clarita Diet in Season 2, according to our sister site Deadline. Its a major recurring role, [] //

What Are the Happy Endings Characters Brad, Jane, Alex, Dave, Max, and Penny Doing Now?

Let David Caspe and the cast imagine.   ...Read More... //

Happy Endings Cast Reunites for "Lost Episode" -- with a Jaw-Dropping Twist

Happy Endings fans finally got the conclusion they've been waiting for this weekend -- but it came with a twist that puts a new spin on the entire series. The beloved ABC comedy ended its three-season run in 2013 with a -- you guessed it -- happy ending: all six members of its ensemble cast dancing a ...  Read More... //

9 TV Shows Canceled Too Soon

Network executives are the worst. Terrible shows seem to go on forever while truly innovative art is axed after three episodes. Thanks to streaming services, prematurely departed shows are finding life after death, but that doesn't make the cancellations any less frustrating. Here are SideReel's picks for the TV shows that were canceled way too soon. 9 TV Shows Canceled Too Soon Launch Slideshow Which shows do you think should have made the list? Weigh in below! p { text-align: justify; }

Happy Endings Revival: Is There New Hope for Season 4?

We know: That headline reads as if the news contained in this article is going to be amahzing. But its only potentially amahzing. You see, although Happy Endings creator David Caspe and his cast would be delighted to regroup for arevival of their prematurely cancelled ABC sitcom, theyve yet to receive an offer that they [] //

Next Season on Happy Endings: Max Thinks He Has AIDS, Penny Thinks She Wants It

It was a reunion for the ages.   Read More... //

'Happy Endings' reunion: 6 things to know

The Happy Endings cast and showrunners reunited Sunday at the Vulture Festival for the first time since the show went off the air, and it was, as Penny would say, amahzing. The ABC sitcom starring Damon Wayans Jr., Eliza Coupe, Zachary Knighton, Elisha Cuthbert, Casey Wilson,...   Read More... //

'Happy Endings' creator's new series 'Manhunt' in the works at Showtime

Showtime is developing Manhunt ,a new project from Happy Endings creator David Caspe and Horrible Bosses director Seth Gordon, for development, EW has confirmed. The half-hour action-comedywill be written by Caspe and Jordan Cahan ( My Best Friends Girl ), who... ...  Read More... //

5 Shows Canceled Too Early

Television is a tough business. Only a fraction of the pilots that are shot actually make it to the small screen. Just three episodes of a new show may air before the network decides to wield its overactive ax. And many more brand new series are only allowed one measly season before they're canceled for good. Granted, many definitely deserved to go. But in commemoration of all those beautiful shows that passed too early, here are five I strongly believe were taken before their time.     10 Things I Hate About You The television adaptation of the hit '90s classic, 10 Things I Hate About You was bound to be television gold. Sadly, ABC Family didn't agree and axed the show after a single season due to poor ratings. Incidentally, I happened to discover the TV show before I even knew a movie preceded it – and I was hooked instantly. Lindsey Shaw made a fiery Kat Stratford, while Ethan Peck reprised the role of Patrick Verona with the perfect dose of broodiness (and hotness). In my humble opinion, this show should have been given the opportunity to grow and mature out of the plot of the original film. It could have gone to great places!       Chasing Life Killed after two seasons, though far more recently, Chasing Life graced our screens for the first time in 2014. Whip-smart and resourceful reporter April Carver, played by the enchanting Italia Ricci, got our ambition juices flowing (not to mention our ugly tears) as we watched her chase after her journalistic dreams while also battling an ugly diagnosis of leukemia. I could rarely watch this show without a tissue box by my side – a testament of both quality writing and acting. Chasing Life kind of had it all: warm family, spunky friendships, love triangles, hot men, high-powered jobs, tears galore. Man, should it have been given another shot at television glory.       Happy Endings There are many shows that I've loved in my life, but none that I could spend as much time waxing poetic on as Happy Endings . This show is my baby (if one can claim a show as one's baby? Eh, let's go with it). For me, Happy Endings is up there with the best of the best comedy shows of all time; think: Friends, Will & Grace, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia . There isn't a single character in the quirky friends group around which this show is centered that doesn't belong, or doesn't add his or her own layer of hilarity, which is a difficult feat. That being said, Adam Pally, as the non-stereotypical gay Max Blum, and Casey Wilson (once of SNL ), as the lovable Penny Hartz, are nothing short of comedic gold consistently throughout all three seasons. This show should be mandatory watching for anyone who considers him or herself a lover of television. Please bring back Happy Endings . PLEASE!!! OK, I'm done.       Off the Map This was a little-known show that aired somewhere in the vast galaxy of television programming sometime in 2011. Another one of those "doctor shows with a twist," Off the Map only managed to air for a single season of 13 episodes. Though it may have been gimmicky, I still maintain that it had potential; ABC pulled the cord too soon on this one. Not to mention, it had some pretty high-powered forces behind it too (QUEEN Shonda Rhimes as one of the executive producers). The show took a slew of hot doctors and essentially dumped them in the middle of the jungle. Mix in with that infectious diseases, some bristly personalities, sexy locals, and high libidos – and I think most would agree, you've got a recipe for success. Too bad it wasn't given its fair moment in the spotlight.       State of Affairs Katherine Heigl's comeback vehicle also was only afforded 13 episodes to make its case to audiences. The show centered around Charlie Tucker (Heigl), a top CIA analyst in charge of the president's "daily briefing." Incidentally, the president was played by Alfre Woodard, which, like... hello! Extra points for casting a female president! I'm not usually one for D.C.-based (aka political) shows, but State of Affairs had me hooked from its pilot, which began with a flashback to a frightening scene in Kabul and moved on full force from there. Heigl played a spunky lead who perpetually commanded the screen – and her costars were no pushovers either. Chris McKenna as the pleasing (both facially… and also acting-ly? Just give me this one...) and impassioned Nick Vera stood his own next Heigl. Sadly, though, State of Affairs was destined to join the ranks of shows not given their due televisual diligence. p { text­align: justify; }

Happy Endings Cast Reuniting at Vulture Festival

Ah-mah-zing.   Read More... //