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I don't want to start this review off on a downer note, but - dammit! - I'm going to freakin' miss this show. Nothing's been officially announced about a cancellation, but the writing's been on the wall for months now. First, ABC tried to double up on Happy episodes on Tuesday in order to burn them off before Dancing with the Stars came back mid-season. But Don't Trust the B---- wound up taking the hit back then, getting the axe first while Happy wound up getting pushed over for double-play on Fridays. At least ABC aired all of the remaining Season 3 episodes instead of banishing them to online. Hopefully, Happy will end up on another network, like USA, as Sony TV has been reaching out to other networks to continue the series. READ MORE...

Happy Endings Season 3 Review “Deuce Babylove 2: Electric BabyDeuce” & “Brothas and Sisters”

If this was the last we’ll ever see of Dave, Alex, Jane, Brad, Max and Penny, then at least the gang went out on a high. This final outing for Happy Endings, ‘Deuce Babylove 2: Electric BabyDeuce’ and ‘Brothas and Sisters’, got me all emotional and I hope you’ll all join me in praying for a miracle resurrection. Happy Endings deserves a fourth season more than 90% of shows that run and run, and there’s still hope in a USA pick-up should ABC dump this under-appreciated gem. But the episodes themselves were top-notch even without the added weight of possible cancellation, with the first half focusing on Dave and Penny and their parents and the second half taking us back to where it all began – a Kerkovich wedding. The second was my favorite if only because it’s great to have the whole gang together at a big event, but I love me a bit of Dave and Penny when the right comedic situation arrives. It was nice that they brought back the parents, who want to adopt a new baby, and the two of them renting a baby is just the kind of ridiculous storyline this show does so well. READ MORE...

Happy Endings Review: All in the Family

The final Happy Endings  happy hour of Happy Endings  season 3 was all about family. In the first episode " Deuce Babylove 2: Electric BabyDeuce " we had a visit from Penny's mom Dana and Dave's dad Big dave, played by Megan Mullally and Michael McKean respectively. In " Brothas and Sisters " Jane and Alex's big sister Brooke was in town for her wedding.  Read More... //

'Happy Endings': Mark-Paul Gosselaar Still Wants To Ruin Max's Life

In the latest batch of " Happy Endings " episodes, Mark-Paul Gosselaar made his bitter return as Chase, the man who'd promised to ruin Max's life. He confronted Max and explained that he'd made this his life mission, but he also realized that Max's life was such a mess already, he wasn't sure how to ruin it. Read More... //

Happy Endings Review: Penny Made a Boo-Boo

Penny’s attempts at trying to move on past Pete land her in the arms of the car czar in “ The Ballad of Lon Saforsky. ” The czar is just about the last man on Earth anyone would want to have sex with, and so naturally poor choices Penny ends up unable to quit him; much like Brad can’t stop inviting people over when he’s in an awkward or uncomfortable situation. Read More... //

Happy Endings Season 3 Review “The Ballad of Lon Sarofsky” & “Un-sabotagable”

After last week’s slightly more dramatic affair of Penny breaking up with fiancé Pete, this week’s double helping of Happy Endings, ‘The Ballad of Lon Sarofsky’ and ‘Un-sabotagable’, went back to the rampant silliness we’ve come to expect from the show. The first episode was mostly concerned with Penny and her choice of rebound guy as, when Brad and Jane’s unwanted dinner party guest scares away a handsome man that Penny had been flirting with, she ends up in bed with Jane’s boss. It’s not pretty and she knows it – constantly asking her friends not to judge her for the repeated indiscretion. Then there’s Max’s ongoing quest for easy money, as he asks Dave and Alex for help in winning Mr. Super Gay Chicago. Of course, they make it all about them, but he wins it anyway. READ MORE...

Happy Endings Review: The End of the Affair

If last year was the "year of Penny" then tonight was the "night of Penny and Pete." Alas, in case you though the writers forgot about Penny's upcoming nuptials the way ABC forgot about how awesome Happy Endings  is, fear not. " She's Got Game Night " and " The Storm Before the Calm " were all about P & P. Unfortunately it wasn't all smooth sailing. While Penny and Pete whooped butt at couples game night, even beating Jane and Brad (say what?!?), they found that they had bigger issues to deal with. Read More... //

Happy Endings Season 3 Review “She Got Game Night” & “The Storm Before the Calm”

Welcome to the most downbeat double-bill of Happy Endings we’re ever likely to see! This week’s offerings, ‘She Got Game Night’ and ‘The Storm Before the Calm’, are all about Penny and Pete and whether, after four short months, they know for sure they’re right for each other. Season two might have been ‘The Year of Penny’, but things aren’t going too well for her this third time around. After bumping into an old friend, Penny becomes paranoid that she and Pete might not know each other well enough, and Jane suggests a couple’s game night. Brad and Jane’s war-chant was my highlight of the night. Penny and Pete win the evening hands down, but Penny realizes she might actually be getting wed for the party, and not the 50-years of marriage that would follow. READ MORE...

Happy Endings Review: Sister Act and Star Crossed Lovers

Never before has Dave's steak truck gotten so much attention in two consecutive episodes! In " The Incident " Penny accidentally got the truck stolen when she borrowed it to move furniture. In the second installment, " Bros Before Bros " Dave went to war with a fellow steak truck owner known as "The Brazilian." Read More... //

Happy Endings Season 3 Review “The Incident” & “Bros Before Bros”

Welcome to our second week of Happy Endings goodness, with another cracking double bill to entertain us of a Friday night. This time, despite the continued absence of Pete, we made some progress on Penny’s own happy ending, and Max discovered the power of forbidden love when he gets involved with the son of a rival food truck owner. The first hour, ‘The Incident’, was a pretty standard episode of the show which saw Max hear some juicy gossip from Jane and Alex’s hairdresser and Brad find a life-size doll of himself in Jane’s super-organized storage unit. It was entertaining enough, especially since we had a Penny/Dave sub-plot in which is truck was stolen, but having Jane and Alex fight isn’t my favorite thing to watch. Happy Endings is usually so much fun because the whole cast along, and having Jane act uptight seems to be their go-to character beat. READ MORE...