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'Happy Endings' Season 2 exclusive sneak peek: Brace yourself for 'The Year of Penny'

If we were to sum up last season of ABC's "Happy Endings" in one word, it would be ah-mah-zing. And that's why we're especially excited that the Season 2 starts in less than two weeks. The Sept. 28 premiere, "Blax, Snake, Home," sees Penny (Casey Wilson) buying her first condo. And to celebrate her luxurious new pad -- replete with Italian marble and places to store wine -- she throws a 1920s theme party. It's all part of what she's dubbing "the year of Penny." So in honor of her year, Zap2it has an exclusive sneak peek Season 2 of "Happy Endings," along with a look back at some Penny's greatest moments from the series' freshman year. Unfortunately for Penny, her greatest moments include unsuccessful brushes with hipster culture, martial arts and dating men named after leaders of the Third Reich..."Happy Endings" returns to ABC, Wednesday, Sept. 28, at 9:30 p.m.... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2011/09/happy-endings-season-2-exclusive-sneak-peek-brace-yourself-for-the-year-of-penny.html

'Happy Endings' Cast Talks Season 2, Quotables & Dream Guest Stars

'Happy Endings' does for me what most shows can't: It makes me laugh out loud at least five times an episode. That sounds like it should be a quote on one of their billboards, but I can't help myself -- the cast is hysterical, the writing spot-on and the jokes perfectly inappropriate. I gushed about it here and here, and I've even gotten my colleague Mo Ryan to love it*, too. (*OK, that's an exaggeration, but I at least helped shame her into giving it a second chance. I'm still set on reaching my ultimate goal: to get her to love it without laundry.) I've been re-watching episodes online, patiently waiting for Season 1 on DVD (releases Tues., Sept. 20), but I'm greedy when it comes to good comedy. I want more. So of course I couldn't wait to catch up with the cast -- Elisha Cuthbert, Zach Knighton, Casey Wilson, Adam Pally, Eliza Coupe and Damon Wayans Jr, as well as creator David Caspe -- at their Paley Center screening and panel last night. Check out the interviews after the jump for Season 2 stories, teases for new ah-MAH-zing character quotables, returning guest stars and a few big name celebs they wouldn't say no to either. //www.aoltv.com/2011/08/30/happy-endings-cast-interviews-season-2/

Watercooler: Who Doesn't Love a Happy Ending(s)?

A brand new Happy Endings ? In August? A. Mah. Zing! Instead of running all the first-year episodes of the underrated mid-season sitcom, ABC secretly held back on us and sat on a single unaired outing until last night. Why? Who knows, maybe they were too busy feeling bad about Mr. Sunshine to keep proper count. Anyway, we're not complaining because this meant we got a late-summer reminder of what a clever, addictive little treat this ... //www.tvguide.com/News/Watercooler-Happy-Endings-1036737.aspx?rss=breakingnews

'Happy Endings': The cast previews the 'sex tape' episode that's finally hot enough for TV

As an unexpected summer treat for fans of last season's late addition, "Happy Endings," a previously unaired episode of the ABC comedy finally premieres Wednesday, Aug. 24. Just before the delayed debut of "Why Can't You Read Me?" -- originally intended as #5 in the freshman season -- Zap2it caught up with some of the cast to see what's in store. (And remind a few of them that it still hadn't actually been on TV.) "I'm not sure why that episode didn't air, but there's a new one coming" says Zach Knighton, whose character, Dave, sees the majority of the episode's action. "I make a sex tape with a women's lacrosse coach... which is interesting. She brings it from the field to the bed." She seems to be bringing a bit of crazy with her as well. The kinky coach (Bre Blair), immediately unsatisfied with her new beau, asks him to promptly spice things... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2011/08/happy-endings-the-cast-previews-the-sex-tape-episode-thats-finally-hot-enough-for-tv.html

Secret Life’s Megan Park Lands a Guest Spot on Happy Endings!

Megan Park might be all cookies n’ cream on Secret Life of the American Teenager, but she’s busting out her inner biatch during an upcoming guest starring role on ABC’s Happy Endings![Photos: Celebrity Baby Bump Watch]Megan and Make It Or Break It’s Nicole Gale Anderson will play a pair of high school mean girls named Chloe and Madison, who decide that Alex (Elisha Cuthbert) and Penny (Casey Wilson) are their new role models. As long as Megs is eating cookies the whole... //feeds.wetpaint.com/~r/wetpaint/latest/excerpt/~3/TyjVJ7gCAmM/secret-lifes-megan-park-lands-a-guest-spot-on-happy-endings

Previously Unaired Episode of Happy Endings to Air on August 24th

Freshman sitcom Happy Endings was responsible for two of the more surprising moments of upfronts week this past spring. For one, the show received a renewal when its chances weren't looking that great going in; not only that, but the show was given a pretty prime spot with its move to Cougar Town 's former Wednesdays at 9:30 spot post- Modern Family . Read More... //feedproxy.google.com/~r/tvovermind/tvnews/~3/jzfMrCuGDnA/86324

'Happy Endings': Megan Mullally and Casey Wilson channel 'Gilmore Girls' in Season 2

There are two kinds of cool moms: the velour-tracksuit-wearing, living-vicariously-through-their-children kind (see Amy Phoeler in "Mean Girls") and the slow-to-mature but still totally endearing kind (à la Lauren Graham in "Gilmore Girls").Needless to say, most would rather be raised by the latter. So we're happy to say that Megan Mullally, who Zap2it first reported would appear in "Happy Endings," will be channeling Lorelai Gilmore when she appears as Penny's (Casey Wilson) mom in episode 3 of the upcoming second season."Penny has the most positive mom of all time," creator and showrunner David Caspe tells Zap2it. "They're more like best friends than mother/daughter... so they're basically the 'Gilmore Girls.'"Mullally is a fan of "Happy Endings." And after running into Wilson at a party and expressing an interest in appearing on the show, producers put out the offer for her to play Penny's mother. "She's a very young mom," executive producer Jonathan Groff says of the 52-year-old... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2011/08/happy-endings-megan-mullally-and-casey-wilson-channel-gilmore-girls-in-season-2.html

Megan Mullally gets maternal on 'Happy Endings', talks Nick Offerman's Emmy snub

Megan Mullally joined her "Children's Hospital" co-stars to speak with reporters before their Comic-Con panel on Friday (July 22) afternoon, and the actress told Zap2it that we could be seeing her on "Happy Endings" when the show returns to ABC this fall. "I'm going to do a little arc," she says. "I think it's an arc." Be still our hearts. So what can we expect to see from the comedian when she stops by one of our favorite show's of the last season? "I haven't signed any paperwork yet," she admits, "but rumor has it I'm going to be playing Casey [Wilson's] mother. I love her." Wilson, of course, plays the terminally single Penny -- who also speaks fluent Italian when drunk. And while she did tell us that she'd love to see Catherine O'Hara play her mother on the show, we can't imagine she'll have any objection to working with the Emmy-winning "Will and... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2011/07/megan-mullally-gets-maternal-on-happy-endings-talks-nick-offermans-emmy-snub.html

Penny Makes a Drunken Speech on 'Happy Endings' (VIDEO)

'Happy Endings' (Wed., 10:30PM ET on ABC) closed its first season as it began: With a wedding. Only it wasn't Dave and Alex giving it a second go, it was an old friend of the gang's, Jason Shershow. The catch for Penny in this situation was that he was her "safety." They'd previously agreed that if neither of them were married by the time they reached 40, they'd marry each other. Only Shershow, as he explained it, is the guy who'll get mustard on his shirt when he's not even eating it. He's a classic screw-up. Or at least he was. The gang decides at first that Max is the new Shershow, but when a drunken Penny gets up to give a speech at the new couples' engagement party, she may have just taken the crown. We heard more about it later, but it was when she leaned forward and fell off the stage, taking the podium with her, that we were sold. //www.aoltv.com/2011/05/26/penny-cant-hold-it-up-drunken-speech-happy-endings-video/

'Happy Endings' star Casey Wilson talks Season 2, 'Bored to Death' and Bachelorette(s)

We've been fans of Casey Wilson since her short-lived stint on "Saturday Night Live" -- and this season we've gotten to see a whole lot of her as Penny on ABC's "Happy Endings." The May 25th season finale, "The Shershow Redemption," finds terminally single Penny attending her back-up boyfriend's wedding and Casey working with real life writing partner June Rafael, who plays the antisocial bride. Zap2it chatted with the writer and actress a few days after "Happy Endings" landed its choice, post-"Modern Family" time slot on the 2011/2012 schedule. And in addition to discussing an unexpected romantic pairing she'd like to see on the show, Wilson teased her upcoming gig on HBO's "Bored to Death," reflected on her time at "Saturday Night Live" and explained how she's technically involved with two different films with the same name. Congratulations on the second season. Oh my god. I just keep saying to everyone that I'm overcome.... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2011/05/happy-endings-star-casey-wilson-talks-season-2-bored-to-death-and-bachelorettes.html