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Hearing from 'Harper's Island's Abby and Henry

Since the beginning of Harper's Island, it was established that protagonist Abby Mills (Elaine Cassidy) had an unshakeable relationship with Henry Dunn (Christopher Gorham). Viewers later found out that this would play an important part in the end, especially when we all discovered how the two are really related. HitFix talked to the two stars of the series, who went on about how they felt about the creepy twist their characters had to endure. Read no further if you haven't seen the finale of Harper's Island. Spoilers Playing the son of killer John Wakefield, Christopher Gorham revealed his own thoughts on being the second murderer. "For me, from the beginning, even before I knew I was the killer, it just seemed to make the most sense that it was that character, but you never really know 'til the end, because you can't figure out why until we show you at the end." Apparently, he already knew what was going on earlier in the filming process. "I was told all of the secrets right near the end of Episode Seven, right before we started shooting Episode Eight," Gorham said. "From that point forward, the producers really wanted me to know the truth of what was going on. They wanted me to know that I had killed JD when we shot that scene." Elaine found out later, when producer Dan Shotz spilled the beans. "I found out when we got the script for Episode 12," she said. "[W]e still had to keep the secret, because they'd only given the full script to a few people and there were still some cast members and all of the cast and stuff who got a script with the last few pages missing. So we thought we could let it go and relax and talk about it, but everything had to be confidential." As for his character's feelings for Abby, Christopher Gorham couldn't help but admit it was quite twisted. "It's creepy... Yeah, because he's not a kid anymore, but the idea of them being together has been stuck in his head, so I think what you're getting at is is he frozen in time? Is his love for Abby still a childish love? I think the answer is "No, not anymore," but I think he still thinks of it that way." He went on: "Worst case scenario, he could always stuff her and keep her like a doll. I mean, that's how crazy he is. That's why he had to be killed, because he was never going to stop. He was never going to stop." Elaine Cassidy sums up the Harper's Island finale with, "It was done very sudden, but it's tragic and it can't go any further and that's the only way to end this. It's done with love and obviously pain and anger and hurt, a million-and-one different emotions." Source Here

Ratings: Harper's Ends with a Bang, Eli Stone Tunes Out and More

Some recent ratings highlights: * Friday Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader schooled 5.7 million total viewers, a 33 percent surge from its season opener. Lead-out Mental (3.68 mil), in turn, enjoyed a 250K bump. * Saturday Harper's Island sewed up 13 episodes of slicing and dicing before an audience of 3.84 mil, up 8 percent from its last outing. Elsewhere, Kings (1.64 mil) gained 340 thou and Eli Stone signed off for good with 2.76 mil. * Sunday Big Brother 11 's first Sunday airing drew 6.76 million viewers, making it the night's second most-watched program (behind 60 Minutes, 7.9 mil). NBC's Merlin (3.65 mil) saw 15 percent of its audience magically disappear. The Peacock's Meteor premiered to 5.04 mil, but really - Marla Sokoloff versus Armageddon? Lifetime's Drop Dread Diva weighed in with a premiere audience of 2.8 mil and the cabler's best delivery of women 18-49 since Army Wives ' June 2007 arrival. Source here

'Harper's Island' Finale: Spoilers Rampant, So What Now? - Featured

The twelfth and thirteenth episodes of Harper's Island have already aired on some parts of the globe, a curse to those who haven't seen them yet. Spoilers about the identity of the second killer have been plaguing the Internet, but who knows if they're true. If there's one thing we learned from this show, it's not to trust anyone because they're never what they seem. Still, the speculations are rampant and very logical. Harper's Island has also taught us to really think about the mystery, so here we go. Possible spoilers below! Read no further if you haven't watched the latest episodes. On "Gasp," there are two deaths that will occur. Someone from Wikipedia has already stated Danny (Brandon Jay McLaren) as one of the casualties, and while it may not be the most reliable source, we all knew his death was coming. Wakefield (Callum Keith Rennie) supposedly got to him, leading to his demise. Also, as we've seen on the preview clips, Trish (Katie Cassidy) comes face to face with Wakefield and eventually runs off to the woods. What's more, she's in her wedding dress. Given Cal and Chloe's poetic death, this can only mean that Trish being dolled up like that is a sign that it's her turn to meet her maker. Incidentally, the title of the episode is the sound she makes after she was stabbed. Not by Wakefield, mind you. The summary for "Gasp" stated that someone was going to betray a person they love, so you can see where this is going. Henry (Christopher Gorham) killed Trish, and it's soon revealed that he's - drum roll please! - Wakefield's son. We still don't know what Henry's motive is, if he really is the other killer. Still, being Wakefield's baby boy is one logical reason why he returned to Harper's Island. As for "Sigh," death comes in threes. Co-executive producer Karim Zreik said one will be gory, another will be emotional, and the last will be really sad. Abby (Elaine Cassidy) will surely play a part in one of them, presumably Wakefield's. The other two who have to go are Sully (Matt Barr) and Henry. With Danny gone, Sully was obviously the next in line. As for the failed groom, it's possible that the survivors just had to kill him knowing murder runs in his blood. That is, if he didn't commit suicide. Those who aren't the lucky Canadian viewers can catch the finale of Harper's Island this Saturday on CBS. Source Here

Chloe and Cal of 'Harper's Island' Talk Love and Death

On Harper's Island , Chloe and Cal were the romantic duo to keep an eye on. They stole the scene from the soon-to-be bride and groom, especially because of their touching demise. Actors Cameron Richardson and Adam Campbell recently talked to HitFix about their stint on the hit CBS thriller, discussing the evolution and relationship of their characters. "I think it would have been nice to survive if our death hadn't been quite so poetic and beautiful," explained Adam Campbell, who plays the British doctor Cal. "I think they wrote a fantastic death scene for us, and personally I think that's the best way to leave the show." Despite their memorable departure from Harper's Island, neither of the two actors thought they'd get to stay on that long on the series. "I didn't think I was going to make it as far as I did. I thought I was going to be done after Episode Seven," Cameron Richardson said. "I thought we were very fortunate to make it to Episode 11," added Campbell. "At the end of Episode 10, I was filming with Matt Barr and Karim [Zreik] just sidled up to me and I think he just said, "Dude." And I said, "OK." And I knew that was it." As for the evolution of their characters, both agreed that it was a pleasant surprise to develop from their labels - "The Flirt" and "The Outsider" - into something bigger. We witnessed how Cal and Chloe's love for each other deepened their participation in the story, much to our delight. "I, personally, had no idea that my character would eventually have so much depth," Richardson said of Chloe. "I was really happy the way it turned out and she showed more than just one spectrum of Flirty Fun Girl. They showed her having a heart and being in love and wanting love and fighting for her love. That made me really happy." "It was great that we had such an arc," Campbell went on. "We started being very jokey and jovial. I certainly started, like you said, foppish and a bit stupid. And by the end, what a great journey we had and to die in that way, we ended as heroes, really." Source Here

Jim Beaver Speaks of the Sheriff on 'Harper's Island'

Whether he was a devoted father or a ruthless murderer, Sheriff Mills was one Harper's Island character that intrigued many. There were several of us who thought he could be the one reliving the John Wakefield manslaughter, but his death on the show proved us wrong. Actor Jim Beaver talked to Hitfix about his experience portraying the law enforcer, from discussing the scenes he had with on-screen daughter Elaine Cassidy who plays Abby, to his character's unique death. There was so much emotion in that last Harper's Island appearance of his, and we get to find out why. "The fact that I have a daughter really impacted the way I related to Elaine and the way we played the sheriff and Abby together," Jim Beaver revealed. "This is the first time I've ever played a scene with a daughter character of my own and I found it very rich because of my own real-life relationship with my kid. A lot of that translated both into the scene and the way I feel about Elaine Cassidy, because we're very fond of one another." As for his character's relationship with Wakefield and the mystery of who's working with the killer, the veteran television actor replied: "You know, I hate to be a disappointment, but frankly the whole thing is an utter mystery to me. There hasn't been a day that I've been involved with the show that I've felt like I could make a good guess as to who's behind it." Even though he's already died numerous times on screen, Jim Beaver still gets the craziest reactions from his friends and loved ones who watch him. When the sheriff was dragged out of a window by his neck on Harper's Island, the comments the actor heard ranged from denial to approval. "Oh, I get a lot of people screaming, "Nooooo!" And then there a lot of people saying, "Oh, I knew it wasn't you." Everybody's an expert at it," Beaver said. "I think a lot of people were sorry to see me go, but I've been advising them, by all means, not to abandon the show, partly because don't believe everything you see. But partly because it's a great show and you should stick around for the wrap up." Catch the two-hour special finale of Harper's Island when it returns this Saturday on CBS. Source Here

Top Moments: A Jackson Tribute, a Bachelorette Reunion and More - Featured

After last week's many tragedies, we were grateful to lighten up this week with some good old fake drama: a ghastly goodbye, the return of a very undead celebrity, and a Bachelor reunion so silly we hope it was staged. Welcome to Top Moments, refreshingly phony edition. 7. Taking the Plunge Award: Ten weeks of grisly killings left us desensitized and bored with Harper's Island . So color us shocked when found ourselves tearing up at the deaths of the adorably betrothed Cal and Chloe. Chloe tells John Wakefield "You can't have me" before falling to her death to be with her late fiancee. (The scene seemed inspired by the dual deaths in The Last of the Mohicans - compare the show and the movie here and here). If you didn't feel anything for double-C, you may be as heartless as Wakefield and his mystery accomplice. 6. Most Painful Feeling: After Rescue Me 's Tommy Gavin downs a bottle of whiskey and watches home movies in an unsuccessful attempt to feel something, he takes drastic measures: blow-torching his inner thigh. Tommy's never been a role model, but you'd really think a firefighter would know better. (And, um, thanks to the effects team for making that burning flesh look so real.) 5. Best Helping of Sugar Pie: America's Got Talent judge Piers Morgan notes that people all over the world are going through hard times, and asks 62-year-old supermarket cashier Carol Lugo if she can help "bring the smile back to everyone's faces." She comes through. Popping, locking and moonwalking to "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch," this energetic honey earns a bunch of cheers. Watch her performance here. 4. Most Surreal Sight: Tuesday's news brought us a historic sight: U.S. troops leaving Iraqi towns and cities, and handing over security to local officials. Not that their work is done: 120,000 Americans are still serving in the country. 3. Fakest Death: Stephen Colbert relies on Twitter to share with his audience the saddest thing ever "entwattered": word that Jeff Goldblum has died. Except he hasn't. Goldblum himself appears in the studio to prove rumors of his death have been greatly exagger-tweeted, but that's not enough to convince Colbert that Goldblum lives - until the star confirms it in a tweet. "Ladies and gentleman, I have huge news!" Colbert says. "The dead can Twitter." Watch it here and follow TVGuide.com on Twitter. 2. Most Ridiculous Surprise: Soon after rejected bachelor Jake's temporary return to The Bachelorette , Jillian says she can't handle any more surprises. So of course Ed, who's already quit the show, knocks on her door to plead for another chance. Whether we owe this moment to incredible coincidence or very capable editing, it was great television. But if Jason Mesnick shows up again, we're outta here. 1. Most Welcome Guest: Janet Jackson helps turn the BET Awards into a tribute to her late brother with a few tasteful, well-chosen words: "To you, Michael is an icon. To us, Michael is family. And he will forever be in all of our hearts. ... Thank you for all of your love. ... We miss him so much." Watch it here. Source Here

'Harper's Island' Featurette: Interviews With the Dead

The people who survived from the brutal attack of John Wakefield on " Harper's Island " are featured in a new promo for the season finale. Elaine Cassidy (Abby), Christopher Gorham (Henry), C.J. Thomason (Jimmy), Matt Barr (Sully), Katie Cassidy (Trish) and Gina Holden (Shea) talk about how they prefer to die in the show. Gorham says he would like to die "in pieces" while Thomason wants a simpler one, dead while fishing on his boat. Barr describes how "drowning" is the most frightening death he can imagine. Holden makes a reference to Chloe and Cal's deaths in the series, saying she prefers to die like them "in a poetic and peaceful" way. Not featured on the footage but still alive on screen are Cassandra Sawtell aka Madison and Brandon Jay McLaren aka Danny. Rumor has it Wakefield has an apprentice and he will kill at least two more in the two-hour season finale on July 11. Actress Cameron Richardson whose character Chloe died in the latest episode, has a theory that Madison has something to do with the killings. In an interview with HitFix, she said "I think Madison's involved. I think she didn't get what she wanted for Christmas, so she joined up with John Wakefield." Actors in the show, in fact, are not noticed of their characters' death before they shoot the scene. Source & Featurette

1st Season Finale Preview of 'Harper's Island'

The June 27 episode of " Harper's Island " was one bloodbath with five people murdered within a short period of time, although it is now crystal clear that Wakefield is the one doing the killing spree. But whether or not he has an apprentice, it will be revealed in the two-hour season finale airing July 11. The CBS show is taking a one week break to accumulate the suspense toward the end, having two episodes airing at the same night. In the preview, Trish is attacked by Wakefield, Sully points his gun at someone and Abby gets some action nailing the bad guy. However, most importantly, Jimmy has a confession to make to Abby. "The Old Flame" has recently been suspected of holding a big secret especially after Sheriff Mills traded his life for him. The whole "Harper's Island" saga will end in the 13th episode. Few people will survive, and the big mystery is solved. Those who are still breathing other than Wakefield are Abby, Jimmy, Henry, Trish, Sully, Danny, Shea and Madison. Source & Preview

Interview with E. Cassidy and C. Gorham

WonderCon interview with Elaine Cassidy and Christopher Gorham on SidewalksTV.com I know this interview is already old, but I think C. Gorham told us something very interesting in that interview. He said: "By the end of the show, everyone is either dead or guilty of something."

TVGuide.com Top Moments: A Week of Tragedy - Featured

If weeks get sadder than this one, we don't want to see them. We said goodbye to three entertainment legends, one of them the most influential performer in the world. We've never been so grateful for the light moments. Welcome to Top Moments, goodbyes edition. 9. Try a Little Tenderness Award: So You Think You Can Dance 's rehearsal segment takes a delicate turn when one of the contestants breaks into tears. As Asuka sobs in frustration, her soft-spoken partner, Vitolio, pulls her into his arms. Then he pulls her closer and kisses her cheek to the oohs and ahhs of the studio audience. The two then appear onstage with dry eyes and rocker costumes for a routine that's anything but gentle. 8. Most Horrific Writing: Harper's Island has us seeing cross-eyed after so many twists and fake-outs (the killer is alive, the killer is Abby's father, the sheriff is the killer, the sheriff is not Abby's father). But this week's most gruesome moment - the sheriff's hanging and the subsequent reappearance of John Wakefield - doesn't improve the reputation of horror scripts. 7. Best Use of a Blackout: When darkness falls over Kings ' Shiloh, Princess Michelle and Prince Jack use the cover to act on sexual feelings they've long repressed. Michelle's flirtation with David finally becomes tangible, and Jack thinks he may be gay. 6. Best Cop Rock: It takes a lot to rattle The Closer , but Mary McDonnell's Capt. Sharon Raydor makes the walls (and maybe Brenda Johnson herself) quake as they face off over crime-scene jurisdiction. Raydor even makes "Chief" sound like a four-letter word. See what we mean with our Online Video Guide. 5. Weirdest Confession: You know you've had a wild week when a sitting governor's admission that he's been missing in action for several days because he's in Argentina breaking up with his mistress isn't the most unfathomable thing that happened. Give South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford points for one thing - at least he's honest. To Read More Click here .