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Waste of Time

Excellent right up until the final two episodes. The very last installment was possibly the worst television I have ever seen. Complete waste of time, an absolute travesty.

Season 1 - Episode 11 - Gasp

OMG - Henry? Out of all the people on the island, Henry? I am shocked. So, I guess he is the killer's child? What's the date of the last episode? So many questions, so little answers. I can't wait, if I can only remember to watch on Saturday evening, I always forget. I will place post-it-notes all over my house as a reminder; this show is the best on Saturday night television. Ginpatty

god i loved this show

this has been the best tv show in a long time and the twists in it where really good and tied in well. i just hope they dont do loads of spin offs as it will ruin it mybe one or two at the most will not be too bad but would be better if they kept it as a one off.

I like to Guess

I really like this show, even though it was so obvious that cal and Cloe would die, which made me sad because I really liked the two :/ and I'm kinda worried that only Abby and Jimmy are going to survive and that they get Madison. I'm pretty sure Shea won't survive the next episode. But I do hope that I'm wrong I want to be surprised

Splash, (accomplice theory, spoilers)

i still think that his accomplice is Sully. Even after watching episode 11 and Shea and Madison 'finding out' that its Jimmy i don't believe it. If you try and tie it in with Harper's Globe, the person helping Wakefield has to be a frat boy, and the only two fratboys left are Sully and Danny. Robin was responsible for the deaths of two frat boys and Sully wants revenge on her for that? maybe they were his friends? This has to be true because none of the other male characters have been to a college in the USA, Cal is English, Jimmy has never left Harper's Island, neither has Shane, so it has to be either Sully or Danny, assuming Henry didnt decide to kill his own bridal party. In Episode 11 Wakefield tells Chloe that he nearly died for a woman like her which could mean that Sully's relationship triangle with Chloe and Cal is similar to the one had between Wakefield, Sheriff Mills and Abby's mother. Wakefield could have kidnapped Chloe for Sully and thats why he didnt kill her cause Sully didnt want him to. Also notice how Sully's friends Danny and Booth have not/were not murdered. Booth has accidentally died and its surprising that after so many episodes Danny is still alive, as he isnt a very important character. The reason why Malcolm was killed (and so violently) was because Sully found out he hid Booth's body and took the money, which clearly no one was happy about. I don't know whether Sully has actuallty done any of the killing himself, but he's definately helped Wakefield, who must be his father. ALSO notice that Sully has never slept with Abby! which is odd seeming as though he sleeps with everything humanly possible. So all in all, Sully is Wakefields son and the accomplice :)

SNAP!!! *warning spoilers**

GOD i love how the show is turning out. It was pretty boring in the beginning, but now that the killer is out and everything is making sense its soooo good!!! We were all so fooled thinking that the killer was in the wedding partying and it was awesome how he used everyone in the wedding party as a part of his master plan. I love how the writers wrote his show because it kept all the viewers jumping from one person to the next wondering who the killer was but deep down inside i knew he wasn't dead!!! BUt then again they could always have another twist!! only 3 more to go and i cant wait!!

loving this

i think this show is great and it is like a horror movie but better as the story is not cramed in to a short time more shows like this r needed

Episode 3 Death Watch

The third episode of Harper's Island continued to grow the show's primary conflicts. Sully and Cal's comic feud over Chloe involved feathers and honey, Shane and J.D.'s rivalry turned ugly, Henry learned that his fiancee's ex was on the island, and Trish's brother-in-law Richard revealed his own dark secrets, having rough sex with his wife's stepmother. If you were looking for a lot of deaths, this episode didn't quite deliver, as there was only one, but the game did begin as Sheriff Mills got an invitation to do battle with the serial killer. Here's the bigger question: how has no one discovered the dead bodies of the preacher or Lucy yet? This Week's Death Count: 1 Total Death Count: 6 This Week's Death: Hunter Jennings (Victor Webster): After being found out by Henry, Trish's ex-boyfriend made a deal with her dad to leave and never see his daughter again for $50,000. He did, and with Hunter's purpose gone, he drove off in his boat. The engine stalled and when he went to check on it, a booby-trapped shotgun killed him. Source Here

'Harper's Island' Episode 2: Red Herrings and a New Killer Theory

Two episodes in and Harper's Island is now must-watch TV every Thursday night. The simple mystery of trying to figure out who's the killer, who will die next and what clues are merely red herrings is as entertaining as anything The second episode helped fix the main problem of the premiere by establishing more of the characters. An initial cast of 25 is absurdly huge, but thankfully three of those suspects are already dead. Continuing the greatness of an underwater murder and cutting Uncle Marty in half, the second episode featured a decapitation, a hanging and a girl being burned alive. That's just the kind of crazy death scenes any horror movie fan could hope for. While the large cast is still a bit difficult to grasp, some characters are stepping up. The feud between townie Shane and goth brother of the groom J.D. is intriguing with deer carcasses and girls in the middle. However, anyone who thinks this has anything to do with the actual serial killer storyline obviously has no sense of horror film history. Shane is the very definition of a red herring, an ominous guy who has a short fuse and crossbow skills. Harper's Island clearly wants us to think he's the killer, which should be the first sign that he's not. On the other end of the spectrum is the macabre Chloe and her foppish British beau Cal. People seem certain that Cal will die, and the show seems to be playing this up as a possible running joke, putting the British dandy into precarious situations, fooling viewers into thinking he'll die. I suspect he'll outlast most of the wedding party out of sheer luck. Either that, or he's the killer.How, you might ask, could he be the killer if he was tied up that whole time? To Read More Click here .

Harper's Island: The Town of Ghoulish Delight

The fictional small town of Harper's Island may have a bit of a public relations issue from a tourism standpoint, and rightly so. Despite slashing prices and cutting out the middle man the island resort has had its share of short stays made by unhappy mystery shoppers. But the island does offer some good deals. Harry Hamlin's stay was half off. With its foggy boat docks, scenic rocky beaches, quaint general stores and its modern luxury hotel the small town offers the best of both worlds, blackberries and Blackberries, skinny dipping and satellite television. No doubt it's to die for, literally breathtaking if you can excuse the local ghoul infestation. As it happens the town is less fictional than you might think. Or at least, this isn't an old Western and those buildings aren't cut up cardboard boxes with doors painted on them. Harper's Island is filmed on location in Bowen Island, British Columbia. Bowen is a popular day trip for residents of Vancouver who can afford to get a nice room for the weekend or own a second home. With 3,551 permanent residents and roughly 1,500 guests each summer, Vancouver spends much of its year putting on a presentation, with locals renting kayaks, leading hikes through the misty woods, safeguarding the beaches and selling arts and crafts. Much like the series it sounds like a very romantic place to hold a wedding. But also much like its on screen counterpart, Bowen has seen far more than its share of murders, most of them of the rubber knife variety. Turns out Bowen is spook city. In 1988 Rod Steiger filmed American Gothic there, a horror movie take-off of the famous Grant Wood painting in which puritanical farmers Ma and Pa don't take at all kindly to the modern ways of their guests. In The Fog the sailors of a razed ship rise from the dead to take revenge on a coastal town. Also see Disturbing Behavior, The Wicker Man, The Uninvited and Double Jeopardy. As it turns out Harper's Island has previously been known as Summersisle, Antonio Bay, Whidbey Island and Cradle Bay, among other aliases. When film crews were shooting Harper's Island, they changed the nameplates over the doors with the Snug on Bowen Coffee House becoming the Snug on Harper's Coffee House, and the Legion becoming The Cannery Bar and Grill. But the good thing about filming every coastal horror movie with foggy woods there is that the basic infrastructure didn't need to change. So if you're in the mood for a thrilling and chilling weekend try Bowen Island's popular haunts and have a scream. If anything you should run into any misfortune tourists might ask for your autograph. Source Here