Review of Harper's Island

The television show is a horror/drama, described as Scream meets 10 Little Indians. The central plot is a murder mystery. Friends and family attending a wedding celebration on a secluded island off the coast of Seattle begin dying one by one. The island was the scene of famous murders 7 years prior.
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Nov 6, 2016 8:52PM EST

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Harper's Island is a drama mystery horror television show that tried to capture too many genres without actually perfecting any. The story is as follow; murders have happened on this island is the past... a daughter of a victim returns to the island for a wedding and here come the cracked wedding bells... The cast is legit, the story is compelling but there are many holes and inconsistencies in the script. Many things happen that are illogical; girl with a shotgun runs from man with knife... You're looking for a boat and there's a marina full of them... but don't even think of stealing one... Explosions happen, death runs rampant but what happens to the rest of the population on the island... are they sleeping for days... too many holes... hence the cancellation.


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