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Harry's Law Review: Depravation

What did a 21 year-old dying and in need of a kidney have to do with twin widowers accused of killing their husband? Leave it to Harry's Law to make the social issue connection in this week's episode, " New Kidney on the Block ." A lot of words got thrown around on tonight's episode: "moral," "coercion," and, my personal favorite, "depraved." If there's one thing Hoseanna Roseanna Remick excels at it's making other people appear less than human. She couldn't stop using the word to describe the admittedly unorthodox relationship that Nicole and Laila Wayland shared with their older husband. Surprisingly, it was a term the judge was all but used to describe the desperate but life and death situation facing Jimmy, who faced only six more months on this earth absent a transplant. I was heartbroken for both Jimmy and his potential donor. Read More... //

Harry's Law Review: Where's the Direction?

Harry's Law made a valiant effort to start 2012 off right, but " Gorilla My Dreams " wasn't the best way to achieve that goal. Between Harry and Tommy's attempt to legally qualify a gorilla as a person, and Cassie and Adam's fervent defense of a vigilante Wonder Woman avenging the domestically abused, it was hard to see through to the bigger picture of the episode. I mean... I have yet to determine what that bigger picture was. Read More... //

Harry's Law Review: Miracles

Harry, Cassie and Oliver defended a young mother accused of euthanizing her severely ill infant while Tommy and Adam fought the good fight for an Iraq veteran very deserving a purple heart. It seemed Harry's Law was in the business of delivering legal miracles in this week's episode, " Purple Hearts ." While the episode succeeded at pulling the heart strings, I found I was less welcoming of the social commentaries that took place this week. I sincerely appreciated the addition of Josh Braaten to the cast. He's been making the rounds as a guest star, and just when I'd forgotten about his time on The Mentalist , here he was guest starring on Harry's Law. Other than that, his presence wasn't the focus of the episode aside from being the defendant's husband in the mercy killing case. Slightly disappointing, but clearly necessary. That said, did anyone else see that Nurse O'Malley clearly had something to do with the death from the beginning? I knew that from the first time she appeared on the stand. I appreciated how sideways things had to go for Harry. Her overcoming the obstacles was clearly what made the entire case an exercise in courage, but it was a little predictable. Read More... //

Harry's Law Review: Outrageous Government Conduct

Whether football or foreclosures, the legal eagles of Harry's Law had a lot on their plates and their minds in this week's episode, "Head Games." While the episode struggled to capture my full attention, what I did detect were some serious commentaries on society. Perhaps my favorite aspect of this episode was learning about the "Outrageous Government Conduct" defense. Being a bit of a legal geek, I like how the characters attempted to apply it to robbery case in which the defendant was so easily relatable. What really got me is that the jury still put her away. It's as if the writers were sending a message that America is angry at its government, but nothing is going to change, which they reflected in the jury verdict. As sad as that was, it was a nice choice. Read More... //

Harry's Law Review: Fool Case Load

" Insanity " took many forms this week. Whether as a defense for a troubled young man accused of killing three college students, Cassie's internal struggle with her past, Tommy's fervent defense of a mortuary and organic vegetable farmer, or Adam's impromptu hiring of Chunhua, it was a pretty busy week on Harry's Law . I have to say, I've been checking in and out of Harry's Law so far this season, slightly disgruntled at all the personnel changes and the stark shift from working in the shoe shop downstairs. While the atmospherics of the firm are far more professional, I rather enjoyed the unpredictability of the sidewalk access to the store. Now the only way in or out is via elevator. Read More... //

Harry's Law Review: "American Girl"

Going into tonight’s episode I thought the double meaning of  " American Girl " was going to be a lot of fun to watch as it applied to both Harry’s constitutional rights as an American and to the little girl Leigh having lived with her adopted parents for the last 4 years in America.  I was wrong, it wasn’t. Watching Adam and Cassie fight for the birth parents of Leigh was heart wrenching, It was well performed, but painful. Adam was right when he said " No matter how you rule there will be a lot of pain ". That included the viewing audience as it was nearly so painful that it was hard for me really enjoy the episode.   Read More... //

Harry's Law Review: And In This Corner...

After taking last week off, this week we were treated to " The Rematch " of Harry Korn vs Roseanna Remmick as Harry again defended Puck the former assistant District Attorney. Did anyone else feel like we dropped into Puck’s case already in progress? It reminded me of the opening of the last episode where Harry and Tommy walked in hung over talking about an event we didn't see.  I understand openings like this are supposed to give us the feeling that time is passing and that things happen when we are not around; however, doing it for every episode gives me the feeling like I’m missed something and I find myself verifying episode numbers to make sure I didn’t.   Read More... //

Harry's Law Review: "Bad to Worse"

After last week’s return to the more light-hearted and humorous show that many of us fell in love with, this week’s episode, " Bad to Worse " marked the darkest episode to date. How do you bring a comedic genius like Seinfeld alumnus Jason Alexander into a show known for is satirical and off-beat humor and NOT let him be funny? When I read that Jason Alexander would guest star on Harry’s Law I couldn’t wait and see what kind of antics Bates and Alexander would get into. Imagine my dismay during the episode, when I realized that David E. Kelley brought a comedic genius like Seinfeld alumnus Alexander into his show (known for is satirical and off-beat humor) and didn’t let him be funny. What’s worse, was that without the humor, it was like getting the worst part of George Costanza.  Alexander spent a good portion of his screen time either whining or shouting - usually both.   Read More... //

Harry's Law Review: Changes We Believe In

Thank you, Paul McCrane! In a single episode, the actor restored my faith and enjoyment in Harry’s Law . He directed " Queen of Snark " and also made a brief appearance as Puck, who is now a defense attorney. Should this have been the season premiere? I can see that argument, considering the information presented here should definitely have been delivered prior to the three-week long opening arc. I knew the moment I saw Puck that there was hope, and when Kim Mendelsohn (Camryn Manheim) turned up just a short time later, I was fully engaged and excited. That excitement peaked when Tommy walked past Adam. Or, sorry, "bug." Read More... //

Harry's Law Review: "Sins of the Father"

With strong delusions of adequacy, this week’s episode " Sins of the Father " offered us the conclusion of the three episode story of Eric Sanders murder trial. I so call it  on Roseanna Remmick! Not that I should be happy because that means the show has gone into cookie-cutter and predictable mode.   When she walked in and a defense witness is sitting alone in her office I knew we had taken our final step into the realm of her being insane. What District Attorney is going to interview a defense witness without defense counsel (or some other lawyer) being there? Oh that's right, the one that wants to witness tamper. (sigh)  On the flipside of the coin from unrealistic, predictable, writing, we have the fine nuances that are needed to write a scene to appropriately use (and explain) gallows humor. As usual, Molina was brilliant, from telling the joke about the tigers to when he was having dinner with Harry in her office the night before he took the stand. Read More.... //