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'Hart of Dixie' Season 3 first look photos: George's one-night stand mistake revealed?

When "Hart of Dixie" returns for Season 3, George is going to be in some hot water.Scott Porter revealed that George has a one-night stand in the premiere -- with someone who is not a series regular -- that turns the whole town of Bluebell against him. While the identity of the woman George hooks up with has been a mystery so far, we think we've finally uncovered who she is. May we direct your eyes to the above photo, among the batch of first look pics The CW released on Tuesday (Sept. 17)? In the premiere "Who Says You Can't Go Home?" George is at a bar, drinking heavily, with none other than Lavon's cousin, Lynly, played by Antoinette Robertson -- who is set to recur this season, a.k.a. not one of the series regulars. We have a feeling Lavon won't be too happy with George hooking up with his cousin, who is described... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/09/hart-of-dixie-season-3-first-look-photos-georges-one-night-stand-mistake-revealed.html

‘Hart of Dixie’ Season 3 Trailer: Zoe is Back in Town

Zoe is back from New York (with bagels!), but the town of Bluebell isn’t exactly throwing her a welcome home party in the new  Hart of Dixie  season three trailer. It seems a lot has changed since Zoe left for a summer in New York City: she’s now persona non grata, George is a mess and Wade has moved on with…Lemon? Poor Zoe may feel like she’s just stepped into bizarro Bluebell, but her time away from the small southern time might just make her eager to put down permanent roots. Perhaps, she’ll even get another shot at Wade…as long as Lemon doesn’t get a say in the matter. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2013/09/17/hart-of-dixie-season-3-trailer-zoe-is-back-in-town/

Lauren Bittner Cast as Cousin on Hart of Dixie

Score one for the fellas. With a couple very handsome faces already on the way to Bluebell for Hart of Dixie Season 3 - Robert Buckley and Ryan McPartlin will each appear in at least one episode - TV Line now confirms that Lauren Bittner has also booked a ticket for Alabama. The Paranormal Activity actress, who stopped by CBS' Blue Bloods this spring, will come on board multiple installments as Vivian , a cousin of Rachel Bilson's Zoe Hart.  Read More... //www.tvfanatic.com/2013/09/lauren-bittner-cast-as-cousin-on-hart-of-dixie/

'Hart of Dixie' casts 'Paranormal Activity's' Lauren Bittner - What is her connection to Zoe?

We've met Zoe's parents who raised her, and though her biological father died before she ever met him, we're finally getting a look at his side of the family."Hart of Dixie" just cast Zoe Hart's cousin, and she's coming to Bluebell.Actress Lauren Bittner has joined The CW's southern charmer, TVLine reports. She will play a recurring role in Season 3 as Vivian, a relative of Zoe's late doctor dad Harley Wilkes.No word yet on how Vivian will get along with newfound cousin Zoe -- or if she will side with the rest of Bluebell and hate Zoe's guts, as she starts off Season 3 in pretty bad standing with the town she abandoned in the Season 2 finale.Bittner is best known for her role in "Paranormal Activity 3." She joins the previously reported "One Tree Hill" alum Robert Buckley and "Chuck" vet Ryan McPartlin for "Hart of Dixie's" third season."Hart of Dixie" Season 3 premieres... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/09/hart-of-dixie-casts-paranormal-activitys-lauren-bittner---what-is-her-connection-to-zoe.html

'Hart of Dixie' Season 3: First promo reveals Bluebell hates Zoe, rock-bottom George, and Wade's new girlfriend?

Fall TV premieres are finally upon us, and you know what that means: we can finally return to Bluebell along with Zoe Hart for "Hart of Dixie" Season 3.After waiting all summer long to see the aftermath of Zoe ditching both Wade and George to head to New York, we've finally got your first look at the season premiere. The promo, first debuted on ETonline, shows that not much has changed since Zoe first arrived in Bluebell in Season 1 ... that is to say, everyone hates her again.It seems as if her sojourn to NYC didn't sit well with the entire town, including her two love interests. George has hit rock bottom, beard and all, and it looks like Wade has moved on to a new girlfriend. Of course, Lemon still hates Zoe, so at least one thing hasn't changed. Watch the first promo for Season 3 below:"Hart of Dixie" Season 3 premieres on... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/09/hart-of-dixie-season-3-first-promo-reveals-bluebell-hates-zoe-rock-bottom-george-and-wades-new-girlf.html

'Hart of Dixie': Scott Porter tweets first look photo of 'One Tree Hill's' Robert Buckley on set

Though it was only just announced a few days ago, "One Tree Hill" alum Robert Buckley has already reported for duty on "Hart of Dixie."Scott Porter -- who plays golden-boy lawyer George Tucker on the CW Southern charmer -- tweeted out a first look photo of Buckley on set with himself and Wilson Bethel -- who plays bad boy turned sweetheart Wade Kinsella -- on Tuesday (Aug. 27).Clearly, there is something in the water as the three Bluebell studs look eerily similar ... and that's not lost on Porter. "What do you mean #HartofDixie keeps on casting similar looking dudes?" he posted with the photo. Buckley is set to play Peter, a sweet, ordinary guy who is just passing through town. He has a chance encounter with Lemon (Jaime King) ... which has the potential to build into something more. So far, he is only scheduled for one episode. But maybe he'll stick around... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/08/hart-of-dixie-scott-porter-tweets-first-look-photo-of-one-tree-hills-robert-buckley-on-set.html

Robert Buckley to Pay Visit to Bluebell

Yes, it is possible for Bluebell, Alabama to get even more handsome. E! News confirms that Robert Buckley ( One Tree Hill , 666 Park Avenue ) is headed back to The CW: the actor will guest star on Hart of Dixie as a regular guy who passes through the main town and has some kind of encounter with Lemon. Buckley is only signed for one episode at the moment, so the encounter must not go too well.  Read More... //www.tvfanatic.com/2013/08/robert-buckley-to-pay-visit-to-bluebell/

'Hart of Dixie' casts 'One Tree Hill' star Robert Buckley as possible love interest for Lemon

As if there weren't enough hot guys in Bluebell already, one more is heading into town: Robert Buckley has just been cast in an upcoming episode of "Hart of Dixie," E! Online reports.And since hot guys don't stay single for long in The CW's southern charmer, the "One Tree Hill" alum is set to woo one of Bluebell's most popular ladies -- Lemon Breeland (Jaime King).So how does Buckley's character meet our favorite Bluebell Belle? He will play Peter, a sweet, ordinary guy who is just passing through town, and he has a chance encounter with Lemon ... which has the potential to build into something more. That's good news for Lemon, as she hasn't had the best of luck in the romance department as of late.Unfortunately, right now Buckley is only scheduled for one episode. But maybe he'll stick around longer depending on how things pan out with Lemon. This isn't the first new... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2013/08/hart-of-dixie-casts-one-tree-hill-star-robert-buckley-as-possible-love-interest-for-lemon.html

Exclusive: Chuck Alum to Woo the Ladies of Hart of Dixie

  Chuck alum Ryan McPartlin is going to charm the women of Bluebell on an upcoming episode of Hart of Dixie , TVGuide.com has learned exclusively. McPartlin will play the very handsome Carter Covington, a chivalrous and extremely charming Southern gentleman who is one the most eligible bachelors in the South — and every Southern Belle's dream husband.So who will fall for him first?       //www.tvguide.com/News/Hart-Dixie-Ryan-McPartlin-1068961.aspx?rss=breakingnews

Dexter Alum Josh Cooke Joins the Cast of Hart of Dixie's Third Season! Will He Romance Zoe?

A former Dexter creeper is paying a visit to Hart of Dixie's Bluebell. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the CW medical drama has recruited actor Josh Cooke for a recurring role in Hart of Dixie's upcoming third season. Cooke, who you may recognize as Jamie Batista's Dexter-obsessed cheater of a boyfriend from seasons 6 and 7, will make his Hart of Dixie debut in the season 3 premiere this fall. He'll play Joel, a New York City native who finds himself feeling like a fish out of water when he ends up in Bluebell. Sounds like he'll have a lot of in common with Zoe! Don't miss Hart of Dixie season 3 when it premieres on October 7th on The CW, and stick with us at Celebified for more TV scoop.