Season 1

32 Episodes

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Season 1


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  • 32 episodes
    32 episodes
    • s1e32Conclusions
    • s1e31Brief Introduction to System Programming and Machine Organization
    • s1e30Introduction to LISP
    • s1e29Threats, Part 2
    • s1e28Threats, Part 1
    • s1e27User Input, Setting up a Login Page, SQL
    • s1e26Introduction to PHP
    • s1e25The Internet and Webpages - HTTP and XHTML
    • s1e24Dangerous Functions, Secure Code
    • s1e23Bitwise Operators, Underneath the Hood - From Code to Executable File
    • s1e22Huffman Coding Theory
    • s1e21Heapsort, Jeopardy!
    • s1e20Pointers to Pointers, Binary Search Tree, Tries, Heaps
    • s1e19Hash Tables, Dealing with Collisions
    • s1e18Inserting and Deleting Elements in Linked Lists, Doubly-Linked Lists
    • s1e17Linked Lists
    • s1e16Pointer Arithmetic, Structures, File I/O
    • s1e15Pointers and Arrays, Dynamic Memory Allocation
    • s1e14Pointers
    • s1e13Greedy Algorithms, Software Design and Debugging
    • s1e12Hardware, Processors, and Implications for Software
    • s1e11Sorting: Bubble Sort, Selection Sort, and Merge Sort
    • s1e10Run Times and Algorithms, Recursion
    • s1e9Strings as Arrays, Command-Line Arguments, and more Cryptography
    • s1e8Local and Global Variables, the Stack, Return Values, and Arrays
    • s1e7Cryptography, Bugs, Integer Casting, and Functions
    • s1e6Standard Input Functions, Boolean Expressions, and Loops
    • s1e5Secure File Transfer, Variable Types, and Arithmetic Operators
    • s1e4Binary Numbers, Programming Languages, Working in Linux, and Progra...
    • s1e3Threads and Programs with Multiple Scripts
    • s1e2Introduction to Programming and Scratch
    • s1e1How Computers Work, Binary