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Haven Series Finale Review: Forever

Now and Forever. Those were literally the titles of Haven Season 5 Episode 25 and Haven Season 5 Episode 26 , and while they weren't exactly the best the series had to offer, they weren't the worst, either, and provided a rather fitting conclusion to the show.   The first hour started to drag a bit, and to be honest, Duke's death was welcome. It was unnecessary for him to return in the final hour, but as he was a central character and once had a lot of purpose, it made sense to give him some good final moments rather than the Croatoan arc he had to suffer through to die.   Read More...   //

Haven Season 5 Episode 24 Review: The Widening Gyre

So this is what happens when all of the money is shifted away from a science fiction show. Things have been slow before on this series, but Haven Season 5 Episode 24 was in a class by itself. With 15 minutes left to go, I was shaking my clock, sure it, as well as all others in the house, had stopped. Surely I had found myself smack dab inside a Trouble, right? Alright, alright. I'm whining, but "The Widening Gyre" was boring as hell.   Read More....   //

Haven Season 5 Episode 23 Review: Blind Spot

First things first. RIP Dave. Sorry after all these years together I missed your dying breath. Was it really necessary to take it on a big US holiday? Sheesh, brother. That said, Haven Season 5 Episode 23 wasn't that great of a follow up to Dave's demise. Howard returned for what may have been the last time (or maybe not), Duke embraced his inner darkness (again) and Croatoan (we sometimes call him William Shatner) stepped out of the shadows.   Read More...   //

Haven Season 5 Episode 21 Review: Close to Home

Nobody said building a new Barn was going to be easy. Any Barn building that includes a trip into the freakin' void is going to come with some problems, and on Haven Season 5 Episode 21 there were plenty of to be had. Finding the controller, which I thought would be the hardest part, turned out to be a cinch. Go figure.   Read More...   //

Haven Season 5 Episode 20 Review: Just Passing Through

Dave really did kill the Colorado Kid. Well, at least Dave's body did, thanks to a temporary thinnie, the very thing we learned on Haven Season 5 Episode 20 is needed to save Haven in the present. "Just Passing Through" was a really great hour that revisited the heart of Haven, including the mystery that got the entire thing started.   Read More...   //

Haven Season 5 Episode 19 Review: Perditus

Goody! We got to see Charlotte die twice. While it was nice that Charlotte had an opportunity to say her goodbyes and share some more information about putting an end to the Troubles, Haven Season 5 Episode 19 didn't do too much to move the plot forward. And even though Audrey now has information about her father, we don't!   Read More...   //

Haven Season 5 Episode 18 Review: Wild Card

Well that stinks. Just as Audrey's father is about to emerge after the events on Haven Season 5 Episode 18 , Charlotte loses her life at his hands. And unless there is another surprise casting coming our way, Charlotte's husband Audrey's father will be played by William Shatner. How fun would it have been to see the two of them together?   Read More...   //

Haven Season 5 Episode 17 Review: Enter Sandman

It really feels as though we're hurtling toward the end of the Troubles, doesn't it? On Haven Season 5 Episode 17 , the Sandman got his hands on Audrey with the intention of making her his, but instead, he reinforced the bond she shares with Nathan and her mother, Charlotte. That's gotta hurt. There wasn't a whole lot of story to this particular installment, but it was beautifully filmed, and gave us an idea of what we might see if Audrey and Nathan get the opportunity to tie the knot.   Read More...   //

Haven Season 5 Episode 16 Review: The Trial of Nathan Wuornos

Now that Mara's gone and the series has been canceled, it's getting really good again. Well doesn't that just figure? One of the things this series was once able to do really well, and has discovered a way to do again, is to focus on the mythology by using the Troubles of the week to color in the details. Haven Season 5 Episode 16 did a great job of this, as we learned to whom the Darkness Trouble belonged and how it tied in directly with Nathan defending his life.   Read More...   //

Haven Season 5B Premiere Review: Cleaning Up the Mess

What? That's a pretty logical reaction to being told about the Troubles for the first time, and it's exactly what one police officer asked after being given the scoop on Haven Season 5 Episode 14 . He also wound up being one of the kind ones, as things went downhill fast in the premiere in an us against them scenario. It's been a long time coming, the second half of Haven Season 5 . It's also the end. Will it be given the opportunity to wrap up in a satisfying manner? Will we finally discover who killed The Colorado Kid? Well, so far, things are pretty intense.   Read More...   //