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Haven Season 3 Cast Photos: Who Will Be in the Troubled Town This Year?

When Haven returns for season 3 on Friday, September 21 (10pm on Syfy), the cast will contain both new and old faces. Check out who we will see on Haven in this slideshow. //

Syfy's Hit Drama Series 'Haven' Returns for Third Season Friday, September 21 at 10PM

The scary mysteries and odd eccentricities of this small coastal Maine town will continue to unfold //

'Haven' Season 3 Premiere Photos: Fights, Kidnappings and More

On September 21 at 10pm on Syfy, Haven returns with new episodes. Who kidnapped Audrey? What will Nathan and Duke do to each other? Find out some answers with these photos from the episode, "301." //

'Haven' Season 3 Videos: Take a Look at the Troubling Weirdness Coming Soon

It has been more than a year since we last saw a new episode of Haven , but season 3 is finally about to begin. What new Troubles will we see? Will the mysteries surrounding Audrey finally have a solution? What's up with the Colorado Kid anyway? Check out these three Haven season 3 videos to find out. //

‘Haven’ Season 3: Is Haven Being Invaded? [Video]

Haven  has always been troubled, but could the source  of the town’s problems be extraterrestrial in origin? The show has featured all manner of weirdness from merpeople to shapeshifters over the course of the first two seasons, but it has been alien free thus far. That only makes the first trailer for the third season all the more intriguing. When we last left Audrey, Nathan and Duke they were in various states of distress. Audrey had been kidnapped and the boys  were brawling on a boat. Thankfully, everyone is still in one piece in the new promo, but that doesn’t mean they’re out of danger. There’s a new threat on the horizon, and as Audrey informs us, "it’s coming in 46 days." Read More... //  

Laura Vandervoort to Guest Star on Haven

Laura Vandervoort will touch down in Haven this fall. The former V and Smallville actress will appear on two episodes of Season 3 , Syfy sources confirm, coming on board installments 12 and 13 as a woman who returns to town and is driven into madness by the loss of a loved one. Best known to fans of The CW as Kara/Supergirl, Vandervoort also stopped by White Collar and appeared on big screen in Ted and This Means War . Haven Season 3 kicks off on September 21 and TV Fanatic will be reviewing every episode of the Syfy drama this fall. //

Syfy Releases the First 'Haven' Season 3 Preview Video

It's been a long, long time since we last saw Haven . And we still have a bit of a wait -- Haven season 3 will not premiere until September 21. At least there is a new preview video available! //

Syfy’s Haven Cast Talks Love, Answers and More Questions [Videos]

Were you as blown away and frustrated by last season’s cliffhanger of  Haven ? Well, then you can imagine my excitement over being able to interview the cast themselves about what’s coming up in Season 3, which returns September 21st on Syfy. The cast celebrated the opening of Comic-Con at the Sidebar in San Diego. Attending were  Haven  cast members Emily Rose (Audrey), Lucas Bryant (Nathan) and Eric Balfour (Duke) and  TV Equals  was able to get the scoop from them about the third season. Read More... //  

Syfy's "Haven" Goes Into "Uncharted" Territory With Guest Stars

Nolan North and Claudia Black will join their "Uncharted" co-star Emily Rose as guest stars during the show's third season. //

'Haven's' Emily Rose joined by video-game costars Nolan North and Claudia Black on Syfy series' 3rd season

For "Haven" star Emily Rose, it's all about the game: The actress has lured two costars of her hit video-game franchise "Uncharted" to join her supernatural Syfy show this fall. Nolan North and Claudia Black, along with Rose, lend their voices to a trio of treasure hunters in the award-winning action adventure video-game series. On "Haven," North will guest as an amnesiac named Anderson who awakes to find everyone else in the mysterious town asleep. Black will appear in the two-part episode "Magic Hour" as Moira, a bitter -- and possibly homicidal -- beauty.Haven's third season picks up immediately after its sophomore finale, in which FBI Agent Audrey Parker (Rose) was kidnapped while the two guys in her love triangle, Nathan (Lucas Bryant) and Duke (Eric Balfour), battle each other in a deadly duel.Season 3 of "Haven" premieres Friday, Sept. 21 at 10 p.m. on Syfy.... //